1. Well I think that first depends on what your other options are. Do you have anything else you can choose, and how does it compare?

  2. How was using Zoom over Viasat?

  3. I work from home doing coding and making computers do stuff.... at 1450'

  4. karma doesn't farm itself

  5. "right wing" ... so republicans and democrats?

  6. The recent addition on YouTube to mark ads as ‘Irrelevant’ has been an exercise for me in marking nearly all ads as Irrelevant - because they are irrelevant to me. I’m not planning a sea cruise, I’m not looking to buy a new car, I don’t care about your pretentious perfume.

  7. try pressing the power button

  8. a town begging for a doctor is not 'uplifting'

  9. For now! :) Install hardware didn’t come in time.

  10. what is your install plan?

  11. well aren't you the lucky one

  12. Bro that’s like available to all of Sweden. So the only real response I got is, if you have an RV it’s for you.

  13. dude bro dude, I don't live in Sweden.

  14. The amazing Iron Maiden song "2 Minutes to Midnight" needs to be updated

  15. OP posted the same thing 2 days ago

  16. those regions are most likely far over capacity

  17. can you post an actual link? I'd like to see what they are changing for the service.

  18. don't worry, it's reddit... the video will get posted a few times a week for eternity

  19. let the looting, robbing, and grave desecration begin!

  20. how much is the chicken feed that is required to ensure your chicken lays an egg a day?

  21. how is this "uplifting" ?

  22. oh no I canceled refund on its way, Maybe starling rv.

  23. Honest question; what don't you like about Tmobile home internet?

  24. He said he's dropping T- Mobile because he doesn't like it. He's in for a rude awakening with hughesnet.

  25. yea, that cracked me up. :)

  26. possibly, depending on the problem the "solution" solves.

  27. a human should never feel bad about filing a government complaint against a corporation.

  28. Sure, at this moment. However, the moment an alternative shows up there will be an uncontrolled shift in the market. Unless you plan for this, your customer base will make the decision for you. I wouldn't take a chance like that given the infrastructure investment.

  29. Sure, in 5 years or so there might be an alternative, but until that time, customers who want low-latency service will eat whatever turd-sandwich starlink offers.

  30. just the corporate sponsored democrats, which is 99% of them

  31. You don't know what "super fast " is , if starlink fits that description.

  32. if you think Starlink is not "super fast", you are comparing Starlink to non-satellite speeds

  33. I stopped reading at "Anyone with any other option..."

  34. none. Let him decide his own future.

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