1. I need my 1987 DG-20 Casio electric guitar Set to mandolin, yeah Drop the drums

  2. If I had to guess I’d say late stage cancer survivor.

  3. Why was Trump hiding all the other boxes? The government had been trying to get them back for months. I listened to right wing radio yesterday and the fact that Trump was hiding this stuff never came up. You'd almost think they weren't being fair and balanced. /s

  4. He found Hilary”s emails and was holding them in case we decides to run against him in 2024 …./s

  5. You kinda answered your own question. Don’t use them higher than you have to for the task at hand. If I’m rotating tires or doing brakes I get them just high enough to get the wheels off an on. I only go higher when I’m doing a job that requires more clearance. To me the “rule of thumb “ is don’t go higher than the task demands

  6. Can you use a 10” and just modify the pipe on the existing plumbing so it’s an inch shorter?

  7. Any deals on HDMI Sync box? Planning to get a new TV and wanted to do the whole Sync thing finally

  8. Clearly the risers are. I’m just not sure about the treads. Definitely plan on painting the risers, was wondering if the treads would take stain?

  9. There’s a Uranus joke somewhere waiting to be told

  10. I’m sure I’ll get downvotes but I always feel like killing for the sake of killing is always wrong. I trust science as much as anyone but I feel like today’s invasive species is tomorrow’s miracle and vise versa. My personal feeling is if you kill it you should eat it

  11. Not exactly, negligence implies something accidental IMO . I’m looking for a word that’s basically willful negligence

  12. Willful negligence is a tidy, little term. Would that work?

  13. It definitely works. It’s just been overused in the current situation and I was looking for alternatives

  14. I like some math jokes but not others. I’m divided

  15. I would try those $20 tub repair kits, not much to lose at this point . Maybe don’t try to do it all at once. Do half of it, let the spicy cure but don’t wet sand. Do the other half, let that cure and then wet sand it all at the same time… also when you buy the kit buy a couple plastic putty knives . Use those to spread the epoxy instead of the little popsicle sticks that come with the kit. This makes it easier to smooth it before it cures so you’ll have less sanding to do

  16. Could be an old alarm system . They used to make key activated switches that were common for garage door openers before the remote security technology got better so I guess it could be a switch wired to literally anything but an alarm system makes a lot of sense

  17. That looks like some kind of vacuum breaker. Did you try a standard 3/4 NPT to 3/4 hose thread adapter?

  18. The cemetery in my town is very popular. People have been dying to get in since they opened it

  19. Most electric and cordless weed trimmer size is directly related to the “cut” size . So a smaller cut size equals a smaller lighter overall tool. I remember seeing Black and Deckers one that were so small they looked more like a child’s toy. But you also need to remember the smaller the machine the smaller the line they can use. Smaller line means you might not be able to cut through the thicker stuff and it will break quicker when it hits concrete, fences, etc

  20. Looks like a weakfish . Try a bucktail with some gulp or a minnow. Make sure you know the regs if you are wanting to keep some. They are delicious but there are pretty strict size limits in most places due to being overfished

  21. Wow. I’ve have wired Bosch pet immune motion sensors that work great. My 45 lb dog has never set them off.

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