1. I have one, it’s a great web surfing machine… other than that it can pretty much piss off in the Windows world. Parallels was great with intel chipsets.

  2. I shot it with my Obisidian while waiting on Form 4s, but really like it with my Erector.

  3. Lynchburg is worth a visit. Home of Jack Daniels and small shops and businesses in the downtown district. Can also tour the distillery.

  4. Subaru drivers with loud exhaust and quiet guns...

  5. Q:” Why are you ultra rich person saying X but doing Y?”

  6. They aren't trying to reduce congestion. They are trying to provide a means for private companies to extract profits from public right-of-way.

  7. I find the full size MP5’s are far more enjoyable to shoot as they have less felt recoil and longer sight radius.

  8. Full size gang here. K never leaves the safe.

  9. Because unlike American Express it’s accepted everywhere.

  10. Depends on if you want a hatch show print and if you want to see the opener! If I want a poster, I try to get there at gates or close to that time. If not, it depends on if I want to see the opener. Is it the Big Thief show?

  11. This is the right answer for any Ryman show.

  12. Call them in the AM they will get you sorted.

  13. I usually get my SS paperwork to e-sign Same or next day.

  14. There is no point in not getting the cat’s ass.

  15. Macon says the Glock ones have a design flaw, I wonder if the Colt one is free of this issue

  16. Depends a lot on what you are shooting and your firing schedule.

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