1. My vote is the Ruger American. Mines in 300blk. Silly quiet with subs and one of my cans.

  2. Order a new bolt from Nexus...it should be done anyway. Their bolt resolves all the inherent defects with the factory unit, you don't want to fk around and find out.

  3. Yep. Mine was a bitch too to remove but we finally got it to break free.

  4. Honestly I'm surprised no one has made an "SD" handguard like the OEM carbine one.

  5. My R9 sits just outside the HB Industries rail and yes, it's a tight fit id your tucking it. My calipers say the outer diameter of the can is 1.56 95 and the inner diameter of the rail is 1.58 75. Not much wiggle room at all.

  6. Overheard at SOT. The electronic prints have to be printed out & subsequently mailed to WV. VS just mailing everything together at once with barcode

  7. If that's the case what's the point of offering it electronically?

  8. That is pretty neat that you mimicked your well worn studio. For me the white guard with the gold hardware was the most pleasant aesthetic but they way you currently have it setup looks nice too. Well done.

  9. The double cut and the double neck are right smack front and center. Just like they should be 😁

  10. Honey Burst for me for a classy look. Red or blue sparkle from the deluxes for that flashy look.

  11. The patina of a hard use can in the raw is just 🔥

  12. I haven't tried the ebreak yet. It make a big difference on the K?

  13. I run the K with the Ebrake on my M70. Ak actions are chunky anyway as they cycle so I never expected it to be crazy quiet to begin with. The K takes some of the edge off at the muzzle.

  14. I don’t know why you got downvoted but this is the answer, for the current situation.

  15. So you've already been green lighted for the amnesty stamp?

  16. That's the nice thing about cloning the USAF carbines... literally all you have to do is rob your spare parts bin.... because that's exactly what the USAF did. There is no right/wrong USAF clone lol.

  17. Sheeit. Maybe I should just give up my hunt for a proper C7 upper and find any ol A1 upper for a good deal, slap my m4gery barrel assembly on it and call it a day. Claim it's a USAF clone 😂 Thx for the pro tip.

  18. I have a mutt KISS rifle I built my self out of spare parts I had lying around setup similar with the A1 grip and stock and an A2 handguard. Major difference from yours is mine is built on a C7 upper. It turned out to be one of my favorite shooters.

  19. I want a P64 just to try. There’s almost mo recoil with mu cz82 and I carried it for a while and took it to service pistol matches.

  20. The ergonomics between the 2 are night and day difference. I enjoy shooting my CZ82 and can do it all day. I hate shooting my P64. After a couple of mags I'm done with it. I just keep it around for my 9x18 collection but its shot the least. Adding a Houge hand all slip on grip helped a little bit it still stings the palm of my hand.

  21. I think the key question here is it intended to be fired from the shoulder or over the shoulder? The Congress critters have always hated that shoulder thingy that goes up so your probably sol no matter which way you slice it. Hide your pup if you have one. 😉

  22. If you just took out the cap and none of the baffles your one lucky guy.

  23. Crazy. Hopefully they get you a new endcap right away.

  24. That's the nitro finish shrinking with the wood but the logo doesn't shrink with it. One easy way to spot a legit Gibson is to look at the binding on the neck. If the fret ends are covered by the binding it's definitely legit. If not could mean it's been refretted for some reason or could indicate a fake. From your photo it's not super clear but it seems your fret ends are encased. The warranty card behind the head stock in the case also appears correct.

  25. Learn something new thx all the time. Thx for sharing.

  26. Its a Russian AK19 folding stock purchased from russiansurplus.net

  27. Me too. I've got an Uberti 357 single action and a Rossi 357 lever that is threaded for my cans I shoot my powderpuff cowboy loads through. Gives 300 blk subs from the bolt gun a run for its money in the report dept. Both are ridiculously quiet.

  28. Are you exclusively shooting this on a 5.56 platform only or are you planning on moving back and forth onto a 30 cal one?

  29. I looked at the gun yesterday but I can’t remember the model #. It does have the adjustable sight tho. As far as I know you can only change the IJ70 to a fixed rear sight. Im gonna end up changing it out if I can to a fixed sight. Are the IJ70’s the only ones with an adjustable sight?

  30. As far as I know yes, it's only the IJ70 guns that have the adjustable rear target sight.

  31. Ok good bc I’m definitely changing it out, gonna make this thing look great. Gonna get wood grips and a leather holster for it, plus get the fixed sight. I just gotta wait till my 21st next week or I would have it rn lmao.

  32. Sounds like a solid plan. Also start bulking up on 9x18 ammo. I can't stress that enough. It's not always the easiest caliber to chase down these days. Keep an eye out at SGAmmo. One of the better online retailers IMO and definitely if your buying in bulk. Best of luck to you.

  33. It’s smoother. Not what you typically see with home amateur 3D prints with the visible “layering” if that makes sense.

  34. Whatever he is using its very high end. I couldn't come anywhere near that quality with my Ender printer. If I didn't know it I'd swear the handguard I bought from CSM was injection molded.

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