“For the last time”, Me, Digital, 2023

I needed this today

C'est magnifique

This hits me right in the feels

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  1. Oops, didn't realize the first one was "I," hard to tell that it's in bold on my phone.

  2. Fat-bottomed girls, they'll be riding today

  3. My mom taught me the trick of using a handheld mixer. Super creamy and fluffy mashed potatoes every time. Can even do it right in the pot if it's stainless steel

  4. This is exactly how my mom has always done it, hand mixer right in the stainless steel pot.

  5. Any time I read a quote in Leonard Nimoy's voice, I know where I heard it first (and most often !).

  6. Honestly, the only reason anyone would ever need to keep playing IV is that you get to hear his voice for every tech

  7. "I got pig iron! I got pig iron! I got allllll pig iron!"

  8. Europeans put corn on pizza, South Americans put corn flavor in ice cream. I swear I'm glad we have an ocean between us to the east and Mexico to the south. Y'all ain't right in the head

  9. America puts corn in everything too though (including our gasoline), usually after it's turned into syrup.

  10. The political fucks that allow this shit smh. ‘Sure we will make an exception to the rule that you can fly your car over here while you screw around and then fly it back in two weeks.’

  11. How come in every video I see of American law enforcement they all seem like such horrible people. No need whatsoever to be so defensive, it's like they're trained to excalate every situation they are in.

  12. This shit sounds like it was written by ChatGPT

  13. What a nice and actually modern insult.

  14. I mean, I guess it is an insult. But I really meant it; OP sounds like someone asked an AI about iPhone SE 4 and it just spewed out word salad.

  15. It's incredible that you got both of them in sync too!

  16. Oh my. It’s so weird. The video like people it’s hilarious

  17. Doing it without any kind of explanation is one of the reasons it's so interesting. Part of what made Star Wars (the original film, later renamed A New Hope) so awesome was seeing all the various creatures (especially in the cantina) and being able to imagine your own ideas of what they were.

  18. i DoNt CaRe AbOuT dIlLoN bRoOkS...

  19. That looks almost identical to what I would call Chicken Tortilla Soup. Seems very strange to me to call it chili, but it looks delicious!

  20. I mean, he was concealing something alright.....

  21. I don't think it was very concealed

  22. Staff has five mods. Can be used anywhere with only a small sacrifice. Supposed to be better if you aren’t constantly casting. Rit for example. But it is a role playing game and if I’m equipping myself I’ll use what I enjoy.

  23. Staff has three mods, plus an inherent 20% HSR (except for Envoy Staffs).

  24. Saw the preview/trailer. Chris Pratt was a horrible choice.

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