Motorcyclist chases after POS driver who fled from a Hit and Run

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  1. The English Gardener does some really nice work. I have seen their full yard transformations similar to what you describe.

  2. 22 ft boat at rich marine. Costs $800/yr for the slip. They will store your trailer for another $100.

  3. For whatever its worth, I recently joined a boat club and I love it.

  4. Bar Bill has the best wings that I have had WNY in my 34+ years of living here. There is one in the north towns and one in the south towns in East Aurora. It's probably 20ish mins to EA from downtown and absolutely worth it.

  5. GW4. It's honestly the first watch I can wear consistently. Had a fossil and LG before this. It's not bad and you can get rid of/not use a lot of the Samsung stuff.

  6. Needle nose pliers in two opposing holes then spin. This is how I change discs on my grinder.

  7. If you're living in the Elmwood Village, Spectrum is your only option. It's been like this for decades (used to be Adelphia, then TWC) and I can't believe it's legal.

  8. T-Mobile 5G internet is available in parts the Elmwood village. I use it here in north buffalo and just helped my dad get it off Elmwood. It's $50 a month and unlimited. Speeds are anywhere from 80-200mpbs down and 30-70 up from what I've seen. It's been great for me and I even play Xbox on jt.

  9. Yea I don't want to say you're wrong, but I am on the latest beta and still have a space in all of my messages as a draft. I never had this happen before and I have never used a case/screen protector on my phone.

  10. I guess we know who's getting coal this Christmas

  11. Went down there on the motorcycle a few days ago and no problem. I understand the worry though. Last year I rode from Niagara falls to Buffalo via River road with an open face helmet... They found every hole north of my neck and it was awful.

  12. Pixel 6 has broken wireless charging and Google refuses to acknowledge it. They should not be allowed to advertise the feature and need to compensate everyone for faulty hardware. Don't waste your time getting a replacement phone because the same thing will happen to the replacement.

  13. I have had 2 pixel 6 pros (not defective, I bought one and then was given one through work) and neither of them will wirelessly charge properly on anything but the pixel stand. I have a couple nice wireless chargers (10-15w) and a handful of crappy ones (5-7.5w) and all of them start charging and maybe get a few percent and then it stops. Certainly an issue.

  14. Can he do one with a Tonton? I'd pay $25 for that every day of the week

  15. Are those rolls of pennies or shot gun casings or…? What we lookin at?

  16. I was between fingers, Vienna sausages, or older cowboy style shell casings. Never would have made it to rolled coins

  17. Also, bring cardboard to stand on.

  18. No this is real, the concrete/snow/ice sucks the cold from your feet even with good boots and socks.

  19. They will usually designate one of them kids day closer to preseason. They will also have "cheap" food too. I think they actually did do $1 hotdogs a few years ago

  20. I came here for this. How much does it protrude off width wise? I ask because I bought an SLR rifleworks one and while it's nice, with large hands I can't fit my hand between the dovetail and magwell so it's going on eBay.

  21. Actually not bad for locking up motorcycle helmets

  22. I have ran my pixel 2xl, 4xl, 4a5g, and now 6pro all naked. I have a case that I use when I know I'm going to be doing bad things like camping, NFL games, using my phone as a flashlight in the garage, going out drinking, etc. I had nice flat screen protectors on my 4xl and 4a5g and even buying the nice dome ones nothing feels not there on a curved screen.

  23. I've had the same thing happen to me on various pixels and versions of android. Think it's just a glitch with app updates but the one time fix lasts.

  24. I would normally say yes but I will add depending on the charger. My girlfriend upgraded from a OnePlus 9 to the P6 and swears her 60w c to c OnePlus charger works better than the pixel charger I gave her. I've tried it on my P6P and idk that it's faster, but it works well.

  25. Leclerc bugging Ferrari about the fastest lap was so funny.

  26. Dude has to be thinking about that point and his first grand slam. Also, maybe I missed it but I didn't hear the announcers mention it at all.

  27. Yea it's definitely not good. It's funny when the core functions of a phone fail to work. I had a similar issue with my work group chat blowing up and I had no idea because I was actually doing work and not looking at my phone.

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