1. What countries/ethnicities are we talking about right now?

  2. You’re right, the constitution doesn’t mention age, which means anything prohibiting a right based on age is unconstitutional.

  3. Sorry, that’s not how this works. 18-21 can still buy a gun… just more scrutiny. We already have BC, do you think that is unconstitutional as well?

  4. Any gun law is an infringement and someone who is currently disqualified from owning firearms is just going to get a gun a different way if they can’t go through an FFL. There’s private party sales, homemade guns, and the newest invention with 3D printed guns.

  5. Thanks for the answer, no we are same tech. I can add photos when im at home later. I thought about taking tech early for updated trade ships and galleys. Its a big investment and he will probably do the same then

  6. Same tech but are your ships updated? That could cause issues too.

  7. NTA. You can choose what you do with your money and you have no obligation to pay for her schooling. Many people pay for their own college and it’s part of being an adult.

  8. His request to have her attention when he’s speaking is a reasonable request. Not throwing the phone in the pool. Reading is hard sometimes.

  9. You said both sucks, but only one of them destroyed private property for "violated" feelings.

  10. Go be offended over nothing someplace else. Calling her out on her shitty behavior isn’t justifying his behavior or making this “pro domestic violence day”

  11. How TF does making a casserole make them racist? You and the dad are both AH. Break up with your boyfriend for his sake because you sound insufferable.

  12. Same as every other gun law on the books but that hasn't stopped them before

  13. Yes, how can I legally force my dad to allow me the purchase of sugary cereals (with chocolate)

  14. But I only have them when Kyle’s mom buys them and she doesn’t buy fast. My dad won’t allow to have any sugary cereal even though am 14

  15. And there’s nothing you can do to change that. Wait until you’re 18 and then you can buy any cereal you want.

  16. If you dont want a child then dlnt have sec. Tell that to every women who's ever had an abortion.

  17. While only his 10th, someone I know arrested this guy back in 2014

  18. Your daughter is 16 and can make her own decisions regarding her hair. Stop being so controlling over something she should be able to pick for herself. I feel bad for your daughter. YTA.

  19. No matter what she says, you'll be the third wheel. You can absolutely ask her not to bring him but that's really up to her. NTA. I'd just go by myself and leave them to figure things out. If you meet up, great. If not, you still got to enjoy yourself.

  20. Did I stutter? You're basically telling this woman to "keep your mouth shut if you know what is good for the family."

  21. There is no compromise to be had. These people will never stop. Constant compromise has gotten us to this point where many of our rights have already been trampled.

  22. I suppose I should clarify I don't mean compromise on gun rights at all in any way shape or form nor do I mean with the politically entrenched but rather something that can be brought up in conversation with people who are not necessarily entrenched as an olive branch to show that we as gun owners are not monsters and try to humanize us to the more moderate less entrenched antigunners Edit:not monsters

  23. No point in trying to come up with “compromises” when there are none to be had.

  24. Yta you are in the restaurant to celebrate friend birthday not to fight your husband. The war can wait a little.

  25. Absolutely not. This dude is unhinged and she had every right to leave. Who TF carries an entire dress with them and then purposely spills wine on their wife just so they can have their way?

  26. NTA you were on her side and stood up for her. That's friendship. You're not magic, you cannot make Chad disappear officially.

  27. He didn’t stand up for her. As soon as he started making fun of her OP just sat there and then begged her not to call the cops. He should have said something then.

  28. Not if if was the parents but that’s the PARENT. This is a lady who works at the school and it feels like she’s favoring.

  29. So is it her own kid and his friends she’s giving candy to?

  30. Nope. Just 5 boys in my room who are all friends together. She’s not related to any of them

  31. Shit nevermind. I just woke up and my brain still isn’t working.

  32. NTA. That’s really weird and honestly, I would just end it with him. The only people I know who didn’t want to have pictures posted of them/have their social media say they were in a relationship were cheaters.

  33. He is! He's been saving all his life since he doesn't spend a lot and his parents give him a lot of money. He has about the same amount saved up as I have. Mind you I have a full time job in the middle class I would say and have been really saving for the past 2 years.

  34. His parents paying for everything and giving him money all of the time doesn’t really make him self sufficient…

  35. ESH. Of course it was the right thing to take the dog away and give it to people who would actually look after it. But going by your own description of how you handled it, you turned what could have been an important teachable moment into straightforward bullying.

  36. “Your” expectations? Regular meals and exercise should be the standard when owning any pet, especially a dog. That means they’re not meeting the basic needs of the dog. He made it clear from the start he didn’t want the dog and wife said she would pick up any slack and she didn’t. He gave them all near daily reminders for a month and they still refused to listen. What a shit take on your part.

  37. Yta. No one likes being told things about their body, particularly stuff they can't change.

  38. Then they shouldn’t ask if they don’t want the answer

  39. WTF is wrong with you? In what world are you not TA? Why would you think you’re not TA? So many questions.

  40. NTA. They told you that you didn’t have to play anymore so you made plans. Now they want you yo play the free shows. They shouldn’t expect you to miss the paid show and only play the free shows after they told you you didn’t have to play so you made plans that cost money.

  41. NTA. You really should end this relationship. What could you be getting out of this relationship that makes it worth staying in? If he’s been like this for 2 years there’s little chance of it changing.

  42. Holy shit your GF is an AH. Just because you’re not related by blood doesn’t mean that those kids aren’t yours. You’ve raised them and they’ve grown up knowing you as their father. She seems heartless and there’s no reason for her to tell you that you parenting your sons is jeopardizing the baby. That’s just stupid. You’re NTA.

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