1. Site is shady. Every game wants access to calendar and opens a fake chrome window

  2. Thanks everyone for the tips they are much appreciated!!

  3. My order was cancelled and now it s pending . What do I do?

  4. Did you see the video claiming it was a DEW not a drone? There was a Beam on camera that is inconsistent with how a drone strike looks, because it like drags across not drops down.

  5. https://twitter.com/RocknRebel17/status/1342953619847581696?s=20

  6. https://twitter.com/TeresaSings4God/status/1342949880013017088?s=19

  7. https://twitter.com/TeresaSings4God/status/1342949880013017088?s=19

  8. Saw a tweet that it was done to distract us from a fire at a Rochester printing company that printed the ballots for PA

  9. The timing was the same. I can’t find anywhere linking that printing company to PA ballots. Do you have anything?

  10. I dont. Thats only not coming up in Google when searching for "fire at printing company in Rochester that supplied PA Ballots" its the only "missing" from the search terms.

  11. Anyone see the tweet that this was intentionally done to distract us from the fire in Rochester at the printing company that supplied the PA ballots??

  12. I was just saying that it seemed off that my feed was constantly flooded and now there is nothing. Not say I actually read it lol

  13. With a device that old you should be able to factory reset it and use fgx pro

  14. Waste of $ then to insult onlyfans follows she dropped a "premium" snapchat vid for 100 bucks

  15. If this is in fact a Chinese created virus, absolutely. Stocks crash and Eastern nations scoop up stocks for major companies for low cost then technically "own us". A Saudi company already snagged 500 million in Disney shares

  16. These are the dicks that bribe store employees to get to the cases before they hit the floor

  17. Only one ill check another stop snd shop today to see if i can find one if you need it!

  18. I still domt believe in it, but that was beautiful

  19. https://brickseek.com/walmart-inventory-checker?sku=472991875

  20. Is there a master sku list somewhere does this work for th and $th?

  21. My walmart is all wheel chairs and go pros, there was a new case c on the pick pallet and tape was already cut before hitting floor misisng one car guessing it was the super. Westfield Walmart has a scalper connect

  22. As a craft beer enthusiast this combines both hobbies lol

  23. That was my favorite line to collect as a kid

  24. Niice! Are you the only collector in that Walmart of yours?! Haha Congrats again!!

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