World Cup balls getting charged

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  1. Why should I expect anything from this? Until I hear otherwise I’m going to assume this will do as much to trump as the Steele Dossier, Mueller Report, or January 6th hearings. I’m tired to getting my hopes up for nothing

  2. Calm down, this is going to take years. It’s kinda of a big deal, not like the stick up kid caught on camera…it’s kind of a way bigger and way more complex situation;)

  3. You think Trump’s tax returns are “way bigger” than the attempted overthrow of democracy and an insurrection of the United States? Not trying to be snarky, it’s a genuine question. Personally I value the latter more than the former. Like if an insurrection didn’t amount to anything what are the odds that this will be the thing? We have been hearing for years “We got him!” And I’m just losing all hope for Trump ever facing consequences for anything

  4. I meant all this shit you mentioned! Like all of it is way more complex and hard for us simple minded people to think about, let alone read up on the law and know exactly what is true and not. concentrate on you making your community a better place and not about what the fucking Cheeto ass bitch did it didn’t do.

  5. Where were you when they were doing the work??? Hard for me to understand the problem here?? You have no idea what’s going on, all concerned over “shit” pipe. Communication is very important, don’t get caught up in a dispute;)

  6. Uhm...does this not map the tracking strategies of each team's playing style? This data could potentially make playing become even more competitive and then we have a chess book manual for the different ways you start a match and what moves you could implement during the match. Surely they thought of this but selling it as a purpose to get more accurate info for in game faults can't just be the selling point alone. How I wonder...

  7. They watch and evaluate the game after…

  8. Remember like 7-8 years ago all the weed smash and grab/criminals being flushed out the game…? The criminals need to be flushed out:)

  9. Looks like a bit of rot on top??!

  10. That's what I'm struggling with, I have a loop and don't really see amber trichomes. I need a more robust loop. Oh well, it was learning experience.

  11. It’s most likely a total loss, between rot & seeds you’ll find it hard to smoke:) try try again!!

  12. Should have bought a couple shares of APPL first;)

  13. Burn sulfur!!! It will get them all and so easy to set up.

  14. Is the sulfur dioxide that gets released bad for the plant though?

  15. Get a mason jar:) micro plastic is everywhere!!!

  16. Burn sulfur and use pyrethrum, you welcome:) bug will be gone in 24-48 hrs

  17. A light mist around the base and under side of lower leaves and burning sulfur is the only way out of this one! It’s as organic as pesticides go & better then loosing the whole crop??

  18. It’s a joy to grow this plant 🌱

  19. Neither the FDA or USNRC recommends using uranium glass as normal dishware. It doesn't meet modern health and safety standards, and is especially unsuitable for:

  20. It’s not uranium…OP said it doesn’t glow!!?? Doesn’t that means it’s not??

  21. Praise him…and maybe give him worm

  22. You sound like u have no clue what ur talking about. Lol if u were a true grower u know that the sauce on top is the terps sweating. I don't even know OP but for you to say shit that makes absolutely no sense to a kid running actually decent wax is hilarious. You probably grow straight shit man hahah. Keep up the good work OP

  23. My buds that I’ve grown are very much decent by far not the best:) butane runs are old school is really all I was saying and that shit is butane or “moisture” in the product…unless it was a co2 run?? OP never said how it was made?? OP did you make this??? I like that honey comb shit that’s flakey and taste better and less harsh!!

  24. I recently departed from a plug that sold wax that was full of “terp sauce” like that (in addition to having bun grown with Chlormequat chloride which was knowingly hidden well and NOT disclosed). Spent a week in a legal state and my entire life changed. Ran out of solventless rosin when I was back and took a dab of the old diamonds I had before the trip… threw up from the taste of butane before I even finished my first inhale. Threw it in the trash immediately and found someone with healthy natural stuff. Went from having multiple anxiety attacks on a daily basis and depression that overtook every moment of my life to actually being happy, with or without weed. I went to my old guy with this information, and that’s when I got confirmation it had PGRs but no one seemed to care because not many people were affected as much as I. OP if you haven’t dabbled in the solventless stuff, I’d highly recommend you take 1-2 weeks of ONLY smoking solventless rosin, then take a nice saucy dab of some of the wax in the pic. That taste will instantly tell you the quality and if it’s CO2 or butane, because even good wax made with a solvent should give you a good terpene profile with NO chemical taste. Solventless is obviously the healthiest, but if you can taste the chemicals used in extraction that is a major🚩

  25. Couldn’t have said it better myself! Really wasn’t being rude was just a little worried people think this stuff is good…it’s not:(

  26. I don’t think thats a sunflower:) dahlia??

  27. Hold your cash it’s gonna get worse;)

  28. Just melt in water bath and do an over flip it and fridge it, easy peasy!!

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