1. Interesting note because I’m just as much if not more so curious if Brown could benefit from a move to RG. I’d rather draft a RT in the 1st round than an OG, so if Brown could move to guard then everything could fall into place nicely. But I agree with your point that we can’t really take much from McDermott’s press conference.

  2. Brown could not play guard no. He’s so tall but more than that he’s pretty light given his size and that would not profile well at guard.

  3. This draft class is way too good to justify paying Singletary. Pick up a bigger back to spell Cook on day 3 and we’re looking good there (or Bijan R1 if he by some miracle makes it to us)

  4. We need someone who can actually do something after the catch

  5. Why do cuse fans think they are Kentucky ? For what boheim has been able to do at fucking Syracuse NY , he has spoiled them rotten.

  6. Jim’s accomplishments as a coach are incredibly underrated both within our fanbase and outside of it.

  7. Just don’t want RB early unless it’s Bijan. We have bigger needs. Bijan is worth it because he’s that good - Gibbs not so much

  8. Ika in the first would be a nightmare

  9. Nyheim most likely gets cut. We are -20m and he saves us 5m. I would rather have a late round short yardage guy or UDFA TBH. Why waste a 4th when we have bigger needs

  10. If something happens to Cook entrusting the entire backfield to a UDFA is probably not an amazing idea considering the fact that our line cannot run block.

  11. He serves the same purpose as James cook really I don’t see a value in keeping him other than return duties.

  12. Well yeah the return duties is likely why we would keep him (and why we traded for him)

  13. Tough to say for us, a lot of it will depend on FA. Think goal #1 should be OL but we typically haven’t prioritized it heavily under this regime

  14. Purely talking basketball Kyrie is an awesome second option for Luka, curious to see if he buys in

  15. Lol there is no way that deal gets done without Bridges unless it includes Booker (which obviously Phoenix is not going to do)

  16. I’ve typically been a big defender of Boeheim and the things he says and even him still coaching, but this is just so out of touch from him lol

  17. Don’t think McIntosh is what we need in a back. We need someone who can run between the tackles not a another receiving first guy

  18. Gonna miss him next year. Think we’ll be alright there with Allen but Tucker was different man, he’s gonna kill it on Sundays

  19. Love Bresee, love the value, but he’s not what we need. He’s not amazing against the run and plays the same position of Ed Oliver. Not a good pick with Torrence right there

  20. The biggest issue with the defense against Cincy was that our only DL who can consistently handle double teams was out. We HAVE to have a second guy who can 2 gap in case Jones misses time.

  21. I think they’re about the same tbh, have not been all that impressed with Morse over the last year or two

  22. Look at the games Morse was hurt. He’s a good player. We lost the first Miami game because he was out.

  23. That’s more a product of us not having a competent backup center than it is me being overly impressed with Morse himself tbh

  24. Beane Likes traits in the first and safer picks in the second round that usually are not good minus James cook. AJ Epenesa Boogie Basham and Cody Ford were all pretty mediocre to bad second round picks who all were supposed to be pro ready and have high floors. Also Beane tends to lean towards non SEC schools for some reason. I think Kaiir Elam and Tredavious white are the only SEC draft picks.

  25. James Cook was SEC too, I don’t think he’s shown enough of a sample size to say he avoids SEC tbh. Don’t think White was a super traitsy first round guy either but I think I agree overall. Last year kind of broke a lot of the traditional “trends” he’d shown his first few years

  26. That's the problem though. When you're second best olineman is middling the rest of the line has to be scary bad.

  27. Well yeah that’s what I’m saying lol, the right side is what really needs work

  28. The left side is fine, but the right side definitely needs a ton of work

  29. Semin was one of the most talented players I’ve ever seen in Washington. Health and consistency just weren’t there unfortunately. He was my favorite player growing up in the young guns era, never seen such a gorgeous wrist shot in my life

  30. Think our needs in the front 7 are being a bit underrated but it’s decent besides that

  31. I highly doubt Beane will bring in OL in free agency as there is a high demand and small supply of quality OL in the NFL causing them to be overpriced. For example Orlando Brown want to be the highest paid OL in the NFL and is an average LT.

  32. Average Joe Girard performance against a good team.

  33. Honestly Mintz played about as well as anyone I’ve seen this season against Beekman. Credit to him.

  34. He’s genuinely incredible. Just doesn’t have the composure late in games yet, it’ll come

  35. We’ve made up for a brutal non-con with 11 straight in conference play, hopefully we don’t choke this down the line lol

  36. That would be a pretty shit pick for us

  37. He quite literally got noticeably better this year, what are you on about?

  38. “He’s not getting better” after a year he got noticeably better

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