1. What type of roles are you looking for after graduation, or are you already employed in the field?

  2. I work in healthcare right now, so I'm leaning towards healthcare data analysis. But that's not set in stone, I want to get further into the course and see what my options are.

  3. That would be interesting work if you decide to stay in the field. I was considering this degree, because I already work with SQL/T-SQL at my current job and a little python. All the courses interest me, but I am nervous about entry level opportunities, so I was considering going the accounting > masters in data analytics route, but after reading the other posters in your thread, I am not sure anymore, lol.

  4. Nope. I don’t think it holds higher regard than any other school unless it’s some Ivy League tier program, I also have never heard of UTA.

  5. You will get plenty of internships during 4 years of UTA, which will get you a great job after graduation. The 2 years you save is not really an advantage. Most people get offers in their 3rd year anyway. You will be working on pretty decent projects plus, team based projects which is valuable in the real world. Also, UTA is one of the best programs for CS in the country.

  6. Did you get in? I am confused why you would even consider WGU if you got into UT Austin. It is a top 10 ranked computer science program. It will be way easier to get into internships while you are in school and you will be have a way better odds in the job market. Unless you flunk out of the program, you are going to be very employable with a UT CS degree. Are you sure you don’t mean you got into UTSA?

  7. A computer science bachelors and a masters in cyber security would make more sense than 4 degrees from the same school.

  8. Thank you. Checked out Pogos' website and see some good options to try.

  9. I am assuming you mean working for a trading firm, and not just trading at home.

  10. Thank you for your comment! I actually intend to do retail trading at home, so basically trading with my own money. I’m an analytical/technical person which is why I want to major in Data Analytics and Data Management. In case the trading doesn’t work out for whatever reason, I still want a degree to fallback on. That way, I already have experience in such field.

  11. Retail trading can be scary, but you never know unless you try and you are at a great age for attempting risky things. I wish you the best of luck, and hope you learn a lot!

  12. I am not sure I will go for CPA but want to be eligible anyway. The MBA still accomplishes that if you do decide to go that route. The MBA also has more cachet than a MAcc.

  13. This. Also just fyi you get free Becker materials when you graduate with your MAcc.

  14. I was under the impression that with the new BSBA Accounting, you would need a MAcc to get the upper level accounting credits for CPA.

  15. How long has it been since you started? I started 3 days ago, and I'm exhausted as well. I am hoping my body is just getting used to breathing with a machine.

  16. Logitech MX Master Mouse and separate programmable 10-key for the left-side of your keyboard.

  17. I’ve been on the fence about getting a moccamaster! Thanks for the right up

  18. If you want to dive into the deep-end, get something like a Breville Barista Pro and join

  19. https://www.reddit.com/r/WGU/comments/ve0mhm/can_i_take_cpa_exam_in_south_carolina_with_a/

  20. WGU wouldn't be the problem as it's regionally accredited. The problem would be trying to attend a school that will only admit US residents while living in Canada.

  21. I believe they let in some Canadians now.

  22. Do most States recognize the Sophia etc. credits? I believe they count as ACE credits. I was looking at it as an option.

  23. Yeah, I live in Texas sadly, but planning to move back to Washington and it looks like it shouldn't be much of an issue there.

  24. I appreciate your efforts, and you seem very genuine, but to most people who have embraced WFH, the 1-2 day hybrid thing may sound like a trap.

  25. Go to the Optometrist. They can scan your retinas and check for eye diseases. It's like a 1/2 hour visit and cheap.

  26. I found the answer. I guess it depends on the states. Texas doesn't recognize ACE credits, but some places in the NE seem to accept them, like CT.

  27. Maybe they meant actually modeling, like print or runway.

  28. Sorry forgot to say bachelors in elementary education . But I went to college originally for nursing

  29. Wonder if it more selective due to the in-person teaching demonstration portion of the degree. Hope your appeal is successful.

  30. Due to the changes occurring to the CPA exam profession-wide where a specialty is needed, it appears that you may need to take courses outside of a degree program if they do not offer the required 5 courses in that particular area of study. Make certain that the Texas board qualifies the institution as "a board-recognized institution of higher education as defined by §511.52 of this chapter" is my concern. Otherwise, the course's credits will not meet their standards or be counted.

  31. Pretty sure at the present, Texas recognizes WGU from reading some other threads in the subreddit, but hopefully the new changes don't affect WGU's standings. That is my main concern.

  32. I'm the person that had an issue. It got escalated to the Director last I heard but it still isn't resolved, just FYI.

  33. Yup, this is the person. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

  34. Nice, this is my goto when I need something affordable and readily available.

  35. It is true for big corps it could be a challenge to run a python script as they are rigid in their ways. If you build a business case around it, they will listen, especially if its an innovative organization.

  36. Anytime I asked the IT guy if I could install python at my previous job, he'd tell me to write it in C# or PHP. I ended up learning both pretty well, but anytime I had to script something, he set it up so I had to remote through 2 different servers and only gave me the option to write code in notepad. Worst thing was, the Remote Desktop window couldn't be maximized more than a quarter of the screen size. That was pretty fucking rigid.

  37. Another quick update: WGU got back to me and said "college leadership is going to provide a crosswalk to give to the state this week, so they know our courses are still meeting their requirements compared to WGUs old program codes (to eliminate their confusion between C and D level courses). Stay tuned! We're going to get this settled."

  38. Hope this doesn't take away too much time from whatever you had planned for your next steps after the degree. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  39. Minor update: it is definitely because WGU changed the course naming scheme and the state has told me that WGU has to resubmit. The WGU licensure department has reached out to me and is actively talking to the state, but they don't really have a timeline when it will get cleared up. I've been assured that the courses are still going to be accepted because it's just a paperwork issue.

  40. Thanks for the update. Sounds like a total mess.

  41. There are questions that are math related and questions that test your clinical skills such as hand eye coordination. In the physics section I had some questions with charts and graphs. The clinical had things like a little target you had to follow with your pointer while you had to type in letters being flashed at the bottom of the screen. There were also picture puzzle questions asking you to find the differences between two pictures. I would recommend taking the test with a good mouse you are used to using.

  42. For the physics portion, is it actual physics questions, or something else? The exam description says you can't really study for it, so that's a bit confusing. I am guessing it is questions that don't require you to memorize formulas etc?

  43. This. You can definitely hire a a pro for regular inspections along the way for new construction. Bob and Karen waking the site themselves isn’t going to accomplish much, other than to complain about the beer bottles left on the site.

  44. Haha, Bob and Karen complaining about beer bottles and dust left around by construction workers has been my life for the last 2 years after joining the neighborhood's chat group.

  45. When I left Montessori and went to Junior High, the school I went to was just beginning teaching essays, basic grammar (I remember having to sit through lessons on prepositions for some reason that still makes no sense to me today...) The math courses were not solving quadratic equations. The idea that Montessori children are behind academically in most cases is confusing to me.

  46. Looks like your Montessori education taught you that anecdotal evidence should be taken with a grain of salt.

  47. They are great. The secret is to cut them up and share, so you don't die.

  48. I went deep in the comments on that thread and something about it just doesn't add up. I will admit to being completely in the dark on the host-side of airbnb. On the guest side, the entire stay amount is charged before the stay. How did the host agree to a 3mos stay and not receive the entire amount the day after they checked in? How does the guest cancelling their card impact them prior to day 91?

  49. I think it's a troll. Who goes straight to wanting to remove doors and windows?

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