1. Boy, today sure is a day when I’m glad I have a group to be accountable to. I might have dropped on this ride otherwise, because I was feeling rough. My legs weren’t feeling bad, but my lungs were very much reminding me of the beating I gave myself on Saturday! But I hit some H5s, rode a little lower cadence and lower in the zone, and got through it. Woo.

  2. Congrats. Riding when you don't want shows discipline. Sometimes I am sitting on the bike thinking how did I get here.

  3. So finished the meditation basics program. I will def continue taking 10M meditations, specifically mindfulness and breathing. Anyone take this program? Meditation is strange because you can’t win at it - can’t meditate faster or with more resistance 😄. Will continue and keep an inner eye out for changes particularly breath control under stress.

  4. Dream is to live in a place with no snow so loving it so far. Winter is my least fav season so getting through w/o worrying about the shoveling, cancellations, black ice, etc. is fine by me.

  5. Team! So many things during that ride.... the BEST was I PRd (2nd 75 min ride ever) AND literally kicked my own ass - 75 kjs worth! Totally mental - the last time I was SO not into it and just wanted to survive. Felt about the same today but stayed in my zones! Whoo hoo - thanks to everyone's encouragement - you guys rock!

  6. Congrats on the PR and the ass kicking of old you. Sound like everyone had an amazing time. Took the Monday ride on Sat since I missed it and went up against myself again because Finding growth is great. Allowing yourself to enjoy it and not allow negative self talk is harder. Looking forward to deload week

  7. Just did the Matt With A Hat 45min ride and got a PR. I actually PR'd both 45 min rides this week :)

  8. Congrats on the PR! Always inspiring to reach a new Plateau.

  9. This is how the morning is starting… my 600 ride was the 5 min pre warm up for the ride.

  10. I will do the today (TH) ride tomorrow, but wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoy these ride recaps. I have begun to look forward to them. Glad you are feeling better.

  11. Ok my new theory is that Ben is an AI chat bot. Today’s workout was apparently about “intonating” between Zone 2 and Zone 2, and ACDC’s Thunderstruck led him to say “I love this 90s rock.” Technically the song was released in 1990 but the height of ACDC’s fame was obviously the 80s. He’s a good approximation of a human, but he does not pass my Turing test.

  12. This is one of my favorite comments in a while. I think you may be right. I had my music turned up so barely heard him last 15M. Need to turn closed caption back on.

  13. Sorry about the high fives on the 60 class today. My son came by and was out of control.

  14. No worries. You are not the first to have a rougue H5er. Better to be enthusiastic.

  15. Team! Happy Sat. Didn’t have time to take group ride today. Will take it tomorrow. Snuck in Olivia’s G’N’R ride that has been languishing in my bookmarks. 30M of Olivia Chaos. I have never seen anyone run on the bike. No lie at one point I looked down and checked to make sure I was not in treadmill class. I stayed in saddle and spent post warm up in Z2,3 and some 4. If you want to see full fledged chaos muppet calling 90C OOS take the class. I get she is like 85 pounds and I am….not but was fun to watch.

  16. I didn't catch how many were on slightly earlier. I think I was on between 9-10AM EST. Probably another 15 or so. Maybe even a little more. When I log in and see the #redditpz activity there is always a bunch using the hashtag doing their own thing.

  17. IIRC, Most of the trainers recommend a max cadence out of saddle of 90, so not sure if your sprint is above that cadence or not. In general I try to avoid OOS work on PZ rides, it is too easy to rely on weight moving the pedals vs leg strength. I think OOS is more suited to climb rides, one man’s unscientific (and possibly ill-informed) opinion.

  18. Thanks. I meant that I stay in the saddle and sprint up to Z4 instead of doing the OOS in Z3. I could never do OOS at 90 or above. I do need to get my resistance numbers set for OOS at Z3 and Z2 for when I do try it -

  19. Oh jeez... I'm about to ride... Olivia would def be a challenge for me but at the same time, 30 and done sounds perfect?!?!? Assuming byom? Thanks for the rec!!!

  20. The beauty is that it is a classic rock ride. So no BYOM! Pretty generic but good playlist.

  21. Omg, that was terrible - 2 mins in zone 5 at the end!?!? And, I may have been yelling some stfu's to our beloved glitter muppet... couldn't hear the music 🤪🙄 well, thank God we're starting to train next week!! And, that that's over - lol!!!

  22. TBH I thought into was a PZE and was going to stop when she said Z5, as legs were def not fresh, but then figured only 30 minutes. 2M in Z5 is usually the max for our rides. Was a good challenge. I have been taking sweat steady, yacht rock and 45M classic rock rides where I have been ending above PZE but under PZ. Glad you made it.

  23. I get that 5 man teams are a long night. We start at 630 and barely leave by 10:15 if the lanes don't break down. It is def a marathon not a sprint and I struggle sometimes to stay positive when it's not going well but despite that I always look forward to my league nights.

  24. After my knee refused to sit for a test last week and then my back joined the protest for a week, I wasn’t expecting much—especially after a short program—but I was pleasantly surprised today with a nice little 11 point gain. I didn’t think I’d adjusted to the last zones, so these may kill me, but if so I’ll die happy with the progress.

  25. Congrats on pushing through and the huge gains. Showing mental and physical strength.

  26. Is the 90-min ride on Sat at 11AM EST?

  27. Yes, - the standard time for group rides - 11AM EST /10AM Central -

  28. For all of the different power zone ride types the intention is for you to be in the exact middle of your zone unless explicitly stated otherwise by the instructor (like there are a few where they talk about The sweet spot which is the borderline between three and four).

  29. Agreed. Middle is the correct answer but top is so much more satisfying. In reality 1st half of the class I am in top and towards the end float more towards the middle. Unless its Z5 and above. Then I just try and stay in the zone.

  30. It's not a tournament but for league I throw the purple hammer at the start of practice to get that first throw out of the way. Then switch back to the Offset and use that until I feel I need make a change.

  31. Congrats to everyone for finishing this program, and I'm looking forward to seeing you all in the next program in a few weeks!

  32. Good riding with you today. I only rode the Olivia ride with my own music. I stacked a 20M HIIT with 10M interval prior to the PZE. This is the second time I have tried the 10M add on class. I recommend the classes, easy or as hard as you want, but both times my bike locked up switching between stacked classes. Had to partially reboot. Great six weeks. Congrats to all previously and future posted FTP improvements!

  33. Congratulations to our very own cheerleader and high five trainer

  34. Def have to change it. However, there always is a part of me that believes that 'other' teams cheat when pre-bowling or bowling blind team. I know its not true -but it falls into 'every' team bowls their high game against my team. I find bowling the blind team harder mentally than a staffed team.

  35. So this is gonna be it for me this short season, folks! I have to fly out this Saturday morning reeeeeally early for a commercial shoot for work, and then I'm going right from there to fly down to Florida with my girlfriend to visit my parents and family all next week. BUT, I've got a ring and will be proposing next Friday, so wish me luck!

  36. That is a lot to process - My takeaways - you are a already - or soon to be - famous actor - soon to be engaged AND will be dominating at both cross fit and peloton. Sounds both exciting and exhausting - Looking forward to hearing the progress.

  37. A wise man once said, just embrace the suck.... ya, without byom I'd have been a goner for sure! I loved Matt's coaching on this one. 90s cadence in z4 was tuff but it was a great balance having the slower grind on the next interval. I picked perfect music for both cadences that totally got me thru. Onward and upward!!!!

  38. Music likes / dislikes are always fascinating throughout Peloton, someone's dream playlist is awful to others. I like music I know as a comfort - might be boring to listen to a song for the 1000th time, but works for me.

  39. I use my strike boll (righty - house pattern). What about 3/10 split? This came up in league last night. I use strike ball but tried last night with spare ball thinking I can find the 6 hole easier. What says Reddit?

  40. Back in my wheelhouse today. Long Z3 sessions. No VO2 busting sections. Special shout-out to

  41. Maybe my breathing was more in synch or my mind quieter but this ride was more doable than Monday for sure. TBH Ben is not my favorite and muted him last five minutes, but once I made it through 2M Z5, it was downhill-still hard but doable. Had some companh with

  42. Surprise PR on that ride and I didn’t even retake my FTP test after the last program. About a half hour in I started to just feel amazing. Maybe I should get in the habit of warming up more

  43. Congrats. Always nice when the stars align and the legs and breathing play well together.

  44. Way to go. I finished ride before the group tide started. Wordle 5 dorldle was a no. Waffle and quordle yes. Didnt play the others.

  45. I will go to practice with ultimate goal to get a score of 10. Knock off the 10 on 1st ball and hit that 10 Pin hole on the second ball - repeat. Often practice lanes are so much dryer than league I find it not that effective to practice first balls - I work on release but not the same.

  46. Clearly her behavior, rude and inappropriate - if it helps, envision how sad and lonely her life is to try and pretend to be in charge of a bowling league. Probably spent a lifetime surrounded by yelling and low class behavior.

  47. Holy crap 60 min is a beast rn. But I did it, and I pushed my zones(sorry Blake). There’s a fine line between athlete’s high and hypoxia and boy I found that spot.

  48. I hear Ya. I have this habit of riding top of my zones. Balancing in the middle is harder and not as satisfying as seeing the full bar. Last 2 5M intervals was def 1/2 Bar. I just bring my music. Today was SXM Classic Rock 1000 station. At best Matt will have 3 songs I even know.

  49. Today was my first day back in this group since having a baby 3 months ago. I probably should have started at the beginning, but I wasn’t ready 2 weeks ago and part of what I love about this group is the community feel and the non-stop high 5s! So I hopped on todays 60 minute ride and it did not disappoint!! Thanks to everyone for all the high fives! And nice to see some familiar faces!

  50. Good riding with you. Congratulations on the newborn. It is nice seeing a mix of new and very familiar riders this morning. Ride was def a challenge for me. I think it was the humidity.

  51. The fact that this song exists gives me hope for the world.

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