What could be done to prevent mass shootings?

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  1. I think this is a very good question, provided you are already promotable.

  2. If they’re already promotable, the system in place already believes they his individual is ready for the next rank anyway.

  3. So you’re not the target demographic for this post then.

  4. Bat and hiide. Biometrics recording for a database.

  5. Strange because this is the correct answer

  6. Psychologists keep telling us this, and media vultures keep ignoring them.

  7. That’s because it gets them views which gets them money. Nothing will step in the way of the money flow.

  8. Bad? Undoubtably. The worst? Hardly.

  9. I got a 32x back at release, it has not been removed from the Genesis since.

  10. We still have guile and bison floating around here somewhere

  11. No I think it is a model 62a or something. I’ll look when I get home

  12. Winchester is right, I was wrong about Remington.

  13. As a recruiter, nearly half of all my recruits had worked at a little Cesar’s at some point. This checks out.

  14. I own Assetto Corsa and a VR headset to go with it, but I was still on board until there was the ridiculous outcome.

  15. I met cevin key and oghr after a skinny puppy show. Cevin was really hyper and ohgr was really chill, both were very cool.

  16. I loved this game. I remember renting it on PS1 and it just wasn’t the same as good old road rash 2 on the genesis.

  17. Bro just explained something and got downvoted hard

  18. You just explained how Reddit works

  19. I didn’t take the C64, 2600, or NES when I moved out of my parents house. I went back to get them some years later, and of course they were long gone. This was 20 something years ago.

  20. As do I. I just can’t stand their sound.

  21. I have been using an iBook from 2004

  22. I see people in winter coats and people in shorts. Could this be Ohio by chance?

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