1. I’ve been the union sheet metal trade for 35 years. I got my son in the trade 8 years ago. 6 years ago my daughter was kicking the tires about being a carpenter. Her brother insisted she should get into the SM and give a try. She did and since got her license and now makes over 41$ an hour on her check. She has no regrets and absolutely loves going to work every day. She started when she was 18 and is around your size. If she can do it so can you. Look up your local SM union and apply. Good luck in whatever you choose. Woman in skilled trades rock!

  2. Thank you very much! That is totally awesome. She inspires me and, hopefully, other women. Well, we’re located in a southwest suburb of Chicago atm, but now we’re looking at northwest Indiana…just over the border. A load of sheet metal stuff out that way. Yeah, I’ve been suggested electrician, but feel I’d be on a waitlist for eons and truly 💩 at mathematics.

  3. I’d agree based on my experience. With the physical dimension you listed I’d recommend electrician or something more brain focused.

  4. I’ll certainly take your 2c and use it wisely. I still want to build more muscle regardless, but I do have to be conscious.

  5. Accidentally selected the “Yes (I was physically disciplined as a child).” I meant to vote “No (I was physically disciplined as a child).”

  6. It was from a bone spur extraction surgery. Wish it had a BA origin, haha.

  7. Make the scar a quill of a feather. Turn the scar into an eagle feather. It'd work out pretty well.

  8. Would symbolize my patriotic spirit too. 🦅🇺🇸 Yeah, it does resemble a quill quite well!

  9. Shrimp cocktail, Spinach artichoke dip with toasted baguettes and crudités for appetizers. Standing rib roast, roasted potatoes, and an apple, pear, pomegranate mixed-green salad for dinner. Assorted Christmas cookies for dessert.

  10. If you don’t mind sharing, how do you make the salad?

  11. My grandma puts hers in those rounded tins that assorted cookies come in and then stores them in the garage. It’s cold here in the midwest during the Christmas season and the garage almost serves as a spacious fridge or, in late December, freezer. Personally, her method works, but I’d suggest wrapping some Press N’ Seal on the top before putting the lid on…or over the lid. This would be to ensure the tin is completely sealed. As for how far ahead she bakes them, I would have to get back to you with that. I suggest you bake them as close to the date they will be served as possible.

  12. A 9x13 and 8x8 apple crumble using a mixture of Granny Smith and Braeburn. I am also baking cranberry spice cookies with an orange frosting/glaze. This pie looks scrumptious, btw. My Grandmother has pie mania at her house. She baked four pumpkin, one apple (about this size), and a cherry (about this size).

  13. Yea I'm with the gooey crowd. It's gross when dry. Same with carrot cake. You really need to nail both just right. They can be more difficult than people think. Like pasta they are still cooking even after you take them out. It's one of the hardest lessons I learned in baking and cooking. Sometime you take things out before they are done. It's tricky.

  14. I took these out after I checked the butter knife and there was a smidgen of banana residue…NOT like other bakes where some individuals may desire the clean knife. Though, gooey gang on most bakes for me. My mom always emphasizes the concept of considering the time it will bake/cook outside the oven as well. Unfortunately, for the two smaller pans, we filled them a bit too much as the breads eventually did concave right at the knife slit. Basically an expanded line just in the middle. I’m sure that won’t alter any of the goodness within though. I’d appreciate any baking insight or suggestions you may have to share as I am eager to jump back in and improve. :)

  15. P.S. We like ours a tad “gooey.” Three Muscovy Duck eggs and a turkey egg were used. 🦆🦃🤍

  16. Thank you! Do you know if I could make the dough for the pie crust in advance and then freeze it?

  17. The parachute and wings is the beret insignia of the ARVN Airborne Division, however that was one on a bright red beret, while at least in this pic yours looks more like the maroon beret worn by the ARVN rangers. The "Vietnam" and "Sorry Bout That" tabs were souvenir items popular with US military personnel serving in Vietnam and were mainly worn on "cowboy" style boonies, so much so that the style of boonie was referred to as "Sorry 'Bout That hats" by some.

  18. My sincere gratitude for your thorough and informative response. I caught on to the Airborne, but was curious about the “Sorry Bout That Vietnam.” Yes, this is a burnt umber/chestnut colored beret. I’ve seen the “Sorry Bout That Vietnam” more commonly associated with boonies hats. It’s a bit peculiar that the causal patches were placed on a formally associated hat. The possibilities are endless pertaining to who cobbled them together. Regardless, all the pieces seem original, except the beret. It appears too new to me and there is no tag. I wouldn’t refer to them as a faker, but perhaps an unknowledgeable collector or civilian pieced them together.

  19. My initial thought was, “OMG! Violet Crumble.”Both are glorious and I hope this recipe is a homemade version of either of them. Have you baked this yet?

  20. ‘Tis the season for spices, pumpkins, and apples. Thank you each for your generosity in not only providing what you plan to bake but links to the recipes as well. I feel inspired! I will add these to my long list of recipes that sparked my interest. The challenge of narrowing them down presents itself. Looking forward to what you all share as we get closer to Thanksgiving. I am already planning for both sweet and savory dishes. :) 🍏🍎🎃🍂 Have a lovely weekend!

  21. Are these from Sally’s Baking Addiction? Regardless, they look scrumptious!

  22. Hey-hey, I’m a couple towns over. Though I can provide some contacts/pages to local bakers, I don’t know that they would be willing to place the nsfw photo. :/

  23. Sugar cookies are great for this. For decorating, here's a fun change of pace: Make just a basic icing (powdered sugar and a little bit of milk), but make a bunch of different colors. You can set each kid up with a muffin tin with their different icing, if you don't want to wash a bunch of bowls. Then get some new paintbrushes, and them them paint their cookies. Kids love it! Royal icing might work as well but I'm not as familiar with it.

  24. Is there a particular sugar cookie recipe you use and recommend? This is certainly a brilliant concept! What would the icing consistency be? I was thinking about getting them some fun cookie cutters…may be animals (amongst autumn/ Thanksgiving ones) and am wondering if they’d be able to add detailing. I suppose the consistency would be varied depending on how much powdered sugar or milk I add. Come to think of it, the royal icing would probably be a whole arm workout as I do not own a mixer, haha.

  25. All credit goes to my mom, she did it for us when we were kids and I carry on the tradition! You can do royal icing with meringue powder but plain sugar/milk icing still gets reasonably dry (depending on how wild the kids get!). It should be somewhat runny so they can paint with it, but the nice thing is you can adjust as you go.

  26. My sincere gratitude for you taking the time to type such detailed replies. Thank you is an understatement. Yes, I’ll have to get on that with the cookie cutters. I would prefer metal as opposed to plastic. Besides Autumn/ Thanksgiving (turkey) ones, the boys like birds, giraffes, and race cars. Is there a go-to brand of cookie cutters for you? My apologies…you just seem like a sugar cookie aficionado.

  27. Despite the hassle it was to make it, I admire and respect that you finished it…for the wounded veteran. So meaningful.

  28. Ricky Gervais’ Afterlife is poignantly brilliant pertaining to the trauma of grief resulting from the death of a loved one (spouse).

  29. I know how you’re feeling. My father was a narcissist who abused me in countless ways for the first 14 years of my life before I was lucky enough to cut off all contact.

  30. This is profoundly poignant. Although I feel awful for what you’ve had to endure, I thank you for sharing your relatability as it makes me feel less alone. The individuals in my support system (thankfully) cannot relate to my struggle and it is frustrating when they feel this is something I can just snap out of since he’s dead. In a way, I can but gradually. Re: self-awareness and partner—yes! I had someone I truly fell for but I don’t believe they could handle my imbalances at this time. He’s going through his own obstacles. Perhaps it is wrong timing but false hope is not to be held. My sincere gratitude for your invaluable words of advice and encouragement. I am hopeful that I will come out on the other side as a better person. One day at a time!

  31. I read Anthony Keidis (red hot chilli peppers book) a few years back and it was incredible. Also Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) book. Both were pretty hard hitting and I was taken aback at how much info they gave away.

  32. Flea’s memoir {{Acid for the Children}} Do not be deterred by the title. You’ll learn how he chose it in the book.

  33. I think it's more important to just accept who you are instead of trying to ignore them. You have to understand that you cant change yourself.

  34. Agreed except you can change yourself

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