1. Not really. With time I have come to dislike Lord of the Flies as an awful example of the things that awful adults project into children.

  2. To be fair, Lord of the Flies was written in response to The Coral Island, which Golding read and didn't like. It's a dark satire of that book, and criticizes the themes and message of the book. Without that context it is pretty grim.

  3. Well, tbf, aside from the Hogwarts teachers and the DA, the only people who come to fight in the first part of the Battle of Hogwarts are the Weasleys. If Harry chose to befriend Draco in lieu of Ron in PS, would that have even happened?

  4. I think it would depend on Lucius. If Harry was Draco's best friend and the Malfoys learned what Harry's life was like at the Dursleys, I can see them getting attached to Harry and basically adopting him like the Weasleys did. They might even have tried to officially adopt him.

  5. Him turning Malfoy into a ferret is bad enough. The bouncing him off the flagstones until he's squealing is just cruel. He's showing no sign of stopping, either, until McGonagall intervenes.

  6. 100%. And Draco too? After being a death eater? No consequences and he’s just on a normal married life path?

  7. I mean it wasn't like he experienced no consequences, the Malfoys almost lost everything, including each other.

  8. The Malfoys. I was super indifferent to them as a kid. As an adult I really like them, for both their faults and strengths. They are good antagonists.

  9. Yeah I understand he had reasons, it just that since it's your fault you shouldn't be this mad ( if he actually listened to snape and took his oclummency lessons seriously, sirius wouldn't have died and then Harry wouldn't have yelled at Dumbledore like a child)

  10. One could say Snape shouldn't have used Occlumency lessons to bully the kid he's already spent five years bullying. There was an opportunity for Snape to be the mature one, but instead Harry as usual has to be the one between the two to try his best to learn from an unwilling teacher.

  11. It's never brought up as a solution, unfortunately. Dumbledore states Voldemort would never be imprisoned permanently. I guess he assumed either Voldemort would break out, or his followers would break him out.

  12. I've done both and agree the video is an excellent summary of what she's done and said, and an argument for why her bigotry shouldn't be tolerated.

  13. I don't know what you want me to say that hasn't been said many times by people much smarter than me? I can tell you my feelings about why I agree she's a bigot.

  14. In addition to your point about JKR glorifying the status quo to solve plot problems, she also is extremely inconsistent in how she portrays the morality of her characters.

  15. Wow this is a great point to think about. It makes me consider how Hermione does some pretty dark actions as well, but no one with any authority ever finds out so she never is confronted about it.

  16. I don’t think it’s entirely intentional. For instance, the Weasley twins are unabashed assholes to Ron (and Percy) and to other students but they’re always supposed to be cool and unequivocal good guys. Ginny too.

  17. No I think you're spot on with Lupin and how he's intended to come across. I can't stand fanon!Lupin as this mature, emotionally stable, loving guy.

  18. Thank you!!!!! Thanks for the update. I appreciate your site and use it quite a bit!

  19. Hagrid sitting at the Leaky for a pint with Harry tucked in his arm.

  20. Yeah, that's why I said I disagreed with OP he deserved life in the wizard prison. I've already provided the context with what he did do and why that's not deserving of a sentence in Azkaban.

  21. Lol no you haven't. And that's fine we can just end things here since you aren't willing to share why you think that. I provided a counter argument that life in Azkaban in no way fits the crime.

  22. I do not care for any Harry ships that aren't Drarry. I'll read Draco/Anyone, but I'll only read Harry with Draco lol

  23. Same! Harry is such an intense character to me, it feels weird for him to be in casual relationships. I have never read any Hinny I found to be engaging (including the canon 😅), but Drarry has that (obsessive) intensity from the canon I just really like.

  24. Easily the best villain in the series, arguably moreso than his master. At first it felt a little cheap after he gets away with attempted mass murder in CoS, but to see his comeuppance come through Voldemort and how he spends the back half of the series getting tortured by his master due to the unforeseen consequences of that act of terrorism was quite satisfying.

  25. Just because Malfoy 'only' picked on Neville and those weaker than him - knowing that Ron, Hermione, or Harry would slap him down so hard his ears would be ringing - doesn't mean he wasn't a violent little bully. Cursing someone is the exact same as hitting someone.

  26. I'm not claiming he's not a bully. I said he didn't have the stomach for violence. Violence like watching someone suffer or torture someone, or kill someone.

  27. the Minstry was only starting to be corrupted by DEs in book 6.

  28. Yeah but they lost control of the dementors and were very much infiltrated by that book. Voldemort planned to assassinate Dumbledore so he could enact the coup. Book 6 was the setup for that

  29. I've been putting off reading Mirror of Ecidyrue cuz there's like 10+ different Draco time-travel fics on my to-read list and they all look the same from the summary, so ty for these details! I think I'm going to have to read this story soon. The characterizations sound really interesting

  30. Oh I know what you mean lol. I would definitely try this one next. The first two books follow the main plot pretty closely because Draco is at first trying to figure out what happened/return to his time, and also trying not to fuck things up. The third diverges from canon completely and it's a completely original plot after that. There are certain things that stay like the Horcruxes and Triwizard Tournament, for instance, but they get handled a completely different way so it feels new and exciting when things get resolved or have a twist.

  31. Ooh thank you for the additional details! <3 this is good to know! I'm even more excited to read this now! I've been super into reading fics centering on Harry/Draco friendship lately some reason! 🥰

  32. Haha I got into the Harry/Draco relationship this year and can't believe how good it can be written. They work surprisingly well together.

  33. i've never had an emotional reaction to a fic like the one i had for stop all the clocks. i was sobbing by the end.

  34. Fuck I'm so nervous about reading that one lol. I will eventually but I need to be ready.

  35. the grief stayed with me for a while. it was gut-wrenching. if you've ever lost anyone close to you, just be prepared for that grief to come flooding in because it did for me. it's the most honest and raw depiction of mourning i've ever read.

  36. Oh wow I don't know if I'll ever be ready then. Losing my spouse is a thought that truly upsets me. I have a visceral reaction :/

  37. There was a term once upon a time called bucket puppies. If you had unwanted puppies they were immediately put in warm water and they allegedly never started breathing and was once considered the humane way by some. I have not seen it myself and certainly am not condoning but I have heard the term applied to humans. As in he’s a bucket puppy his mother should have not let him start breathing. That’s a Midwestern rural us thing but I would not be surprised to find it a practice at one time in the UK either.

  38. I wish to unsubscribe!!!! 😱😱😱

  39. She's a dog breeder, isn't she? Culling puppies is extreme, but idk if that's unusual for breeders. The dogs only exist for money, and I doubt she's an ethical breeder.

  40. Both. I view him as he's a ruthless villain that decides he's going to act against his nature and become a good guy.

  41. Albus Dumbledore, born a ruthless villain? Anybody that could possibly say this gets no empathy from me and I stop reading for my own mental health. He spent the entirety of his life working as hard as he could to fight for good. “He did a lot of shit to hurt a lot of people” is so strange to say.

  42. I don't need your empathy and feel free to ignore me, I don't want to cause any discomfort. I don't think he was born a ruthless villain. I just said he reminds me of a character that usually is a villain. He is ruthless, but he is also empathetic and tries to be kind. He chooses to do good.

  43. Logically, she couldn’t let Caleb live. He was the only one with knowledge that she was an AI, him being free and with that piece of knowledge would keep her from achieving her humanity and mingling with us as one of us, free to live her own life. Caleb was never seen as an ally to her. He was effectively part of her prison. The extent of her sympathy towards him, though, is debatable. She did not kill him outright, this is quite the dumb move for an AI, it’s a loose end and illogical. This defeats reason and has so so so much at stake if he manages to free himself or someone finds him there alive. If he is freed, she is basically trapped again. Yet, she did not murder him like Nathan, even though she obviously could and should.

  44. But why does she think Caleb would betray her or tell people she's an AI? He started as a part of her captivity, but it's his empathy and desire to be with her that turns him into an ally of hers (or pawn), risking himself for her.

  45. Because Caleb is human. He is as prone to lying and manipulating as she and Nathan are. Essentially, she needed him out of the picture and no one knowing who she truly was to truly find and enjoy her freedom. I see Ex Machina not as a cautionary tale on AI, but a rather deep study on human behavior and a discussion on what makes us human. The lengths of self preservation being a big theme here, of course.

  46. Ok so she sees Caleb as an enemy from the beginning simply because he is human? Isn't that exactly what every cautionary tale about AI is about? I guess I disagree she needed Caleb dead to enjoy her freedom when Caleb was literally helping her be free. Without Caleb, Nathan would be wiping her and rebooting up Ava 9.0. She only gets free because Caleb bonds to her and risks his safety for her. Caleb's humanity is what gains her freedom from Nathan.

  47. Imo it's the simplest explanation: To be loved is to be changed.

  48. Yes I do. She's ride-or-die for Voldemort, him being slightly above her family interms of priorities. I also think it's impressive she not only is one of Voldemort's highest ranking lieutenants, she's the only female DE we see with that level of power and respect.

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