This is $70 worth of groceries in the most expensive city in the USA [OC]

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  1. Bronwyn's perfectly brushed eyebrows are a bit glamorous for a farm midwife lol. I agree though. Her and Isildur's sister just look really modern to me. Gil-galad's wig and hairline is super distracting as well lol.

  2. Yes there are but they've never been shown onscreen.

  3. I agree. The Harfoot feel like classic Tolkien. The man loves his hobbits. The Harfoot storyline reminds me of The Hobbit in which is a small stake storyline that gets bigger and more focused at the end.

  4. Because Gandalf a lazy way to get us to instantly love a character while they have to do zero leg work in the show. Make it Saruman at least who is “the head of our order, wisest and most powerful” or a blue wizard so you have free range on building a character. I’m just done with the laziness of whoever wrote this

  5. Eh, I think the legwork is being done through Nori and her evolving relationship with him. He's barely talking right now, and very childlike, so there's not much happening at the moment but I can see him developing into a real character as he stays with the Harfoots. Its too early to call the writing lazy as the show is still airing episodes.

  6. Who else rooting for the orcs to win cuz none of these characters have any redeeming qualities lol

  7. I'm honestly just glad the orcs are getting someone to rep them and say, "genocide is bad."

  8. I don’t mind them but I really don’t understand how they sang about leaving no one behind and then proceed to list everyone they left behind and threaten it constantly afterwards.

  9. I felt "left behind" is a pretty obvious metaphor for death. Especially Poppy's family. They literally list the hobbit and cause of death and have time every year to mourn together.

  10. Yes, I understand this is extremely low priority and not game breaking at all. It also seems to solely be for older content, as I couldn't find any NPCs from later expansions that show the same behavior. But just in case this is a really easy fix for the devs (maybe just one line of code that's messed up), I figured I'd bring it to everyone's attention. :)

  11. Thanks for caring. I wish this game was worth the time the players put into it. Maybe one day management will change, but I'm not hopeful.

  12. Because without dragons, Targaryens are no more or less mortal than anyone else, and the wisest among their number realized that and acted accordingly. If you subscribe to the socio-political read of A Song of Ice and Fire (and I heavily recommend the socio-political read), you'll notice repeated references to Plato's Republic. It's not subtle, either; Varys' shadow on the wall soliloquy is an extended reference to Plato's Allegory of the Cave.

  13. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

  14. What bothers my wife when she hears this in the news cause it happens here at the border where little kids are given to coyotes to be crossed them just dumped on this side cause coyotes job is done. He got the people across. Wife says how can the parents just give their kids up like that. She’s like they should have their kids taken away permanently. But they do this cause they have some family members in the US already but of course states away. And many times not here legally so when kids are processed and the family here called….they don’t want to get the kids casue they’re more than likely undocumented as well.

  15. Think about how desperate you must be as a parent to send or travel with your children that young across the desert.

  16. Eye contact with apes is an aggressive behavior. Most predators take eye contact as aggressive.

  17. Do you have an FC? I think playing with people all working on the same goal will help tremendously

  18. How long will this last you? I'm assuming this is for the week? Do you meal prep the same food or do you make a variety of meals from these ingredients?

  19. Hostile architecture= term that means an urban -design strategy to make public spaces uncomfortable/inaccessible. It's generally used to make places or areas homeless people use physical uncomfortable/hurt so they go somewhere else.

  20. The city can't force homeless people to go to their shelters. Homeless would rather keep doing drugs in the rain than get clean and stay under a roof.

  21. Lots of great recommendations. I don't see Portal 2 mentioned. It's older but definitely worth the playthrough. It was one of the first video games I played where I was like, wow... games can have really good stories too??

  22. Yikes this is the most bad faith reading of the character's action.

  23. That's Hopper's trust for El. It's started very clear in the show

  24. Tomorrow- for the umpteenth time in my career- I will have to reassure multiple classes of students that yes, we have a plan if a shooter comes in, yes, we have a fire ladder I bought in case we ever need to climb out the window two stories down, yes, we can pile all the desks and chairs in front of the door if we need to, and yes, I will always do everything in my power to protect them.

  25. Not gonna lie I would just not show up the rest of the week if I were a teacher. The gunman just walked right into the teachers classroom, locked the door, and started shooting.

  26. Idk it's the human female body I think. Some of the color and texture combos look weird too.

  27. Idk if I am old or just jaded but I didn’t “feel” anything during the whole announcement. I was just like “yea, okay, maybe that’ll be interesting, okay.” I always have hope… And tbh I love dragons so I’ll play it lol

  28. I think Shadowlands fucked us up. This is the second expansion they killed to move onto another one instead. And honestly, they don't even give you any incentives or a thanks for continuing to play.

  29. Then please be clear about what your point is. Because if you are saying Marvel sells less comics than it's direct competition, that's untrue. If it's Marvel sells less comic single issues than in the past, that's not that big a deal when ALL comic single print issue sales are down and have been down for years.

  30. Marvel sales have tanked. If you compare their sales now to 10 years ago, 20 years ago, or 30 years ago, they are on a constant downward trend. To my knowledge they've been leading industry sales for about the past 10 years or so, but the problem is industry wide. I can't see on a micro level because all my local comic shops went out of business due to the tanking comic sales market. It's becoming an existential threat because they're getting to the point where they are unable to retain talent for the titles or having to employ fancy gimmicks of cancelling and restarting titles on an almost annual basis. Many of these gimmicks do provide a short burst of sales but in the long term they chase away the long term readers who have been the biggest constant source of sales over the past 30 years. So the industry is cannibalizing itself.

  31. Ok so sales of their print issues are down, just like the entire industry, but as a company they are still selling more than any competitor. OP was pointing to how "forced diversity" was making Marvel unsuccessful when they are arguably more successful right now than they have been since the Golden Age.

  32. Literally anyone who has ever said they’d starve before eating their pet is lying. People have eaten their own fucking kids in famine.

  33. Not everyone eats their children. You are generalizing just as much.

  34. I really wish topics like this would get a company response. This is the kind of stuff the "community council" can bring up and bring attention to.

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