1. I've got bad news about your friend then, Ed Earnest and Bud Spencer are long deceased.

  2. While the families who were within walking or a short distance from those schools do get penalized more it's something that really screws over every elementary school in Lawrence. Class sizes will grow, teachers will burn out, kids will have less attention and safety.

  3. These things are already happening at every single school and have been for years…

  4. Not every single school, the Tuff Pup Academy still has top-of-the-line instructors and reasonable class sizes for the big three S's: Sitting, Shaking and Staying.

  5. That's a shame I had planned on arriving at the mug first and then robbing people as they arrived and calling it a mug-mugging.

  6. Or for the press to create a disturbance and make themselves part of the story

  7. It's frustrating because they were founded in Wichita but don't have a single Kansas location anymore. Unfortunately, it's not about just wanting to own a franchise and having the means. If we're not in a territory that their corporate team is targeting expansion in, then it's not going to happen. As someone said below about Braum's, there are significant barriers to the logistics of shipping proprietary ingredients and supplies, as well as regional marketing expenses that would keep the idea from being successful here. Things have to be at the scale that they can spread out those expenses. One truck that delivers to 10 local restaurants and a TV ad campaign that reaches an entire metro, for example. I'm hoping that Whataburger has continued success and expands to Lawrence, and would also love if Taco Cabana is able to make it to the area some day.

  8. Feel like this is an inverse authentication company, like having it in this slab is more proof that the card is fake then having a card in a PSA slab is proof that it's authentic.

  9. FD boost of Bama/Houston/UCLA/Kansas to all win by 11+ boosted to 200+ hit 💰💰

  10. But Texas A&M sold the other FD boost for teams to all score 60 with the most painful hook, 59 points, and just a horrendous final attempt.

  11. Draftkings. I'm not seeing the value of a ML parlay boost on Michigan State or Miami where the spread is only 1.5 or 2 points anyway. Both of those games are terrible parlay inclusions to pull up a -580 Baylor ML.

  12. “Just thinking about coming back for my sophomore season... Might repeat later.”

  13. Terrified that the video ends with the baby in the bathtub, considering this parent is likely to leave them in the bathtub unsupervised to drown.

  14. Property values in this town/county are out of control. I would be less grouchy about it if we at least had decent public schools, parks, a few more pools, etc. I truly don’t understand how it’s so expensive to live here, yet our city is run down AF. At least joco can justify their costs by their next-level amenities.

  15. All of the Blue Valley School district-like property taxes with none of the Blue Valley Schools!

  16. Forget about workplace accommodations, we can’t even manage redditor accommodations…

  17. I'm seeing a promo on MGM for the Genesis Invitational where if you bet make any (-300 or greater) $20 tournament bet you get a $10 bonus bet, available each day. Seems solid but their live betting sucks, keeps dropping out.

  18. I watched it alone during the first airing and remember spending the next few days or weeks trying to show it to anyone who talked to me.

  19. Oh so his brother is also on the team? Edit- just googled it, maybe it’s just a jersey from last season

  20. Man, I sure hope in 2163, 140 years from now people look at how we are right now and can't fathom the backwardness because there has been so much social and scientific progress.

  21. Lucky you. I placed an order over two months ago and still haven't heard anything.

  22. I did the carry-out at 23rd street and would say you can skip it. Made a mistake at Culinaria when my wife and I each ordered the three-course meal that was meant to be split. Way too much rich food.

  23. I post it because I know it angers you. And clearly it does.

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