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  1. I hit a bump My chain got caught between the cogs and the frame of my bike The chain fell to second gear when I fell off I hit the ground at like 7 mph and the bike chainring teeth pierced me open

  2. First one hurts like shit Second one hurts abit

  3. Post it on a local WhatsApp group or Facebook group or something

  4. I did, someone came to get it a few hours later when I got home.

  5. Good ending: I took it and posted it on the neighborhood Facebook group, someone came to get it a few hours later.

  6. If you’re gonna protest, don’t do it on the fucking road, do it somewhere else not blocking people’s path. Protesters are fucking stupid and sometimes, like these people in the video, selfish assholes who don’t think that drivers got places to be.

  7. Reminds me of the dude who protested in the middle of the autobahn

  8. bro warned us in the discord, he actually did it

  9. Imagine Kronii serve you the subway juice after cumming all in it as you’re blindfolded. Even smelling her strong dominant scent won’t help you as the liquid rushes for your throat, choking you as you struggle to breath from the thickness of her seeds. Your fucking breathing system instead of oxygen got filled by Kroncum and wants more as you trips and twitch on that ground. The only salvation now is to please the Kroncock so your body doesn’t explode in perfection. So you start sucking and she stsrts cumming and it doesn’t stop even as you are passing out from all the hot, dense fluid filling you up. Finally, the Gods decided to temporarily spare you and makes you falls into comatose filled with Kronii’s cum of perfection.

  10. Post that on the discord, watch the mod team ban you instantly the second you post that paragraph in general lol

  11. Fun fact: suipiss is the rarest liquid in the world, only 5 bottles ever existed, 4 has been bought by private collectors. One being accidentaly spilled on the floor by an incompetent bitch named Ouro Kronii (I do not hate ouro kronii, I am merely calling her an incompetent bitch as a joke mods please don't take this down I fucking love yall)

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