1. Such a shame we don’t have many roadways that pass through tunnels…

  2. Hen House in Tonawanda. Their Nashville Hot Chicken recipe is amazing.

  3. 200 Main St, Tonawanda, NY 14150. Its the restaurant part of the Dome Stadium bar. The bar is still a dive, but the restaurant is nice.

  4. I have signature trim on my 22 Clubman and have the driver mirror light, I did upgrade to folding mirrors though, so maybe that added the light.

  5. Hoping this shit stops soon. First of May is coming and don’t want to do my outdoor fucking in the snow.

  6. Casale's Tavern and Motel? It was still open when I drove by there in early March.

  7. I get that it is an atmosphere thing but a bottle shop should at least have a better variety than Wegmans.

  8. Thanks for the post. The Niagara Gazette had some coverage on this a week or so ago, and when I went to get gas shortly after, saw no sign of roadblocks or dispensaries shutting down. I was curious as to what the response from dispensaries would be, and this is encouraging.

  9. OMG is that the old JT Wheatfields? I used to buy coke there back in the day!

  10. I moved to buffalo from Wisconsin and I will say that I am blown away by the food here.

  11. Legal. Bought one last year at the local gun shop in WNY. It’s is a Turkish weapon, though distributed out of Florida. Didn’t know that until I took apart to clean. It looks cool, fires ok, but not really practical. I keep it in the safe for a home defense situation. Mine came with 2 5 round mags so you can be loaded and ready to go quick.

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