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  1. Omg I remember that Tom and Jerry from when I was a kid. Jerry is invisible in the cartoon…. Pops just memorized the episode and blew his kids mind!

  2. I play that game with my daughter now. In Homer Simpson style. Red light turn green . . . . Now!

  3. Buttered noodles. It’s my comfort food. Just spaghetti noodles, butter (margarine as a kid), salt, pepper, and if you’re lucky, parm cheese.

  4. Same. Pasta with butter and cheese. I lived/worked on an island in my twenties and asked the chef to make this for dinner one night when I was missing home. He looked at me funny but it made me so happy.

  5. It appears to be a pewter (probably lead-free) figure. Definitely not from the Episode I Monopoly game as those have circular bases with coloured rings, Qui-Gon's is green, plus Qui-Gon is in a different pose and wearing the robe. It's also not the Radcliffe figure, as that one has a similar but different pose and the bottom would be stamped as such. It's surprising there's not a maker's mark on the bottom, and I'm not finding anything matching online.

  6. Can confirm. I just opened mine and Qui-Gon is standing more side on with his light sabre pointing behind/to the side. The base is also more of a circle, not an oval.

  7. $2.50!!! fudge man over here its like $6

  8. In Australia Ben and Jerry's is $13 a tub!

  9. Hey if it’s showing as early don’t do this psa til after so people can chuck a sickie and blame the phone. 😉

  10. It's actually showing it to be a week later, on the 30th.

  11. I started with R2-D2, then went off grand and built Astro Boy. I've just ordered this one too 😃

  12. Have you allowed for insurance? And savings should you need to replace things?

  13. I run a boarding kennel in Echuca. We have a lot of people from Melbourne bring their dogs here when they come for a holiday. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

  14. My experience is that getting my dosage correct stopped the weight gain. I then had to work hard to lose the weight I had put on. Unfortunately there's no magic fix.

  15. you can tell if it's a vector object/group if you open the object manager docker. if it's a raster image, then try doing a vector trace or just do the invitations in Paint rather than Draw

  16. I had an ultrasound when I was diagnosed. Nothing was found, it think it's just a default thing upon diagnoses (or was 20 years ago)

  17. New Noise by Refused. It blew my mind the first time I heard it in a club and is still a hype song for me.

  18. THANK YOU!!!! This is my side of town too. Can't wait to check them out. Do you know roughly how long they took to make?

  19. I think it was 2-3 weeks? That was a while ago though. They had a warehouse in Tullamarine that burnt down so I have no idea how they're going now.

  20. Gee that's a quick turnaround! Can't wait to check them out. Thanks again

  21. No worries! Let me know how you go :)

  22. So what do you do at home when she's away for work? I suppose it's OK for you to relax on your days off, but she can't? YTA

  23. I did mine on the fourth. So, less than a week, fingers crossed!

  24. I applied on the 4th also. 10 business days should be this Friday.🤞

  25. Aww sweet I can get stoned this weekend. Given the state of the world, it can't come soon enough. Much thanks Danny boy!

  26. I just got my confirmation email. Fingers crossed funds come through tomorrow.

  27. I discovered Filter when I heard Hey Man Nice Shot on the D.P.O. episode of The X-Files.

  28. YTA You even had an opportunity to have dinner with them the night before, but you declined. You coukd have talked and got to know them a but then. Then you were upset they hardly spoke to you in a non social situation.

  29. I never thought much of Pat Benetar until I saw her live. She was amazing!

  30. Barnies is the best thing ever. In the 8 minute window. Take any longer than that to start on it and the stodge factor begins. If doing takeaway shove it in you in the carpark. Its the only way. The frog in a pond will last till you get home

  31. You still have Barnacle Bills? I reckon the last one closed in Melbourne over 20 years ago.

  32. Tank Girl. It's a terrible cheesy movie but teenage me was all about riot grrl and it perfectly fit into that stage of my life. I still cringe but love it every time I watch it.

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