1. The fact that we are struggling with this reds lineup is sad just plain sad

  2. When helsley is on he has some of the best stuff in baseball

  3. Are we only gonna get new WBC and charisma cards ? Where’s the other series cards smh

  4. these are different in the sense that they are CORE cards which is pretty cool. you may end up using some of these in between seasons.

  5. I get that but all we have is basically WBC and charisma kinda annoying

  6. If you’re close to Norman, Kedplasma is hiring. It’s a new plasma center and we are incredibly short staffed.

  7. I think this game is the perfect example of the flaws with trying to start 4 guards.. I think you need to exchange Dort or other guard for a starting quality big or we will get walloped against size most every time.

  8. He is reminiscent of what we wanted Roberson to be. Maybe be not on robersons level of defense?

  9. I’d rather lose and be a Thunder fan than win and be a Timberwolves fan.

  10. So not familiar with play in is it single elimination or how does it work?

  11. If you are 9/10 seed it’s win or go home. If you’re 7/8 and you lose you get one more chance against the winner of 9/10.

  12. Cardinal fans punching the air rn (it’s me I’m cardinals fans)

  13. Nolan arenado opposite field home run challenge (impossible)

  14. He’s one of my best, which sucks as a Cards fan :/

  15. Lmao, same I have the bigger version lg27gn. Works great and is always outputting 120hz. No issues with it.

  16. Not sure how much you're tryna spend but I wanted something that was a little higher end without dropping 6-700 for a 4k monitor. I love it tho and have had it for over a year no issues.

  17. Sosa has a generic no doubter based on the trailer and leak last night.

  18. I just hope sosa and McGuire don’t have the basic no doubt animations that would be disappointing

  19. It's been weird to watch Isaiah Joe become human this month. We got so spoiled by his season-long hot streak.

  20. His mid range has fallen off but I still trust his 3’s more than anyone else on the team

  21. The more we slander the dortski the more fire he plays with

  22. Did everyone eat fuckin popcorn before the game damn butter fingers everywhere

  23. Draymond is still the most overrated player I’ve ever seen

  24. How is that not at least overturned lmaooo challenges don’t mean shit in this league

  25. Hope he’s alright but I don’t think that should be a foul

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