12 year-old dominates a raging Karen

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  1. I owned a 2018 Elantra sport with the 1.6t and DCT. The newer Elantras that have the N-line badge are basically the same thing. I think they use a different 1.6 but it’s still turbo and produces the same output. Same old DCT too.

  2. I agree. It's the same DCT with a new badging. They are not going to build a new engine when the old ones are affordable to make.

  3. I want some for my chest 😅 I've got a snail trail between my pecs and I'm 40 but my beard is solid

  4. It's not the guys skin color, I just... Idk how I would feel when they are kissing. "That should have been me not him!"

  5. Same people who bitch about restaurants being closed during the pandemic. Let's stop this

  6. They have like 10 different variations. No way these guys are serious with only 4 star. For me, it's dealing with the return or any other BS through Amazon. Shit looks way too good to be true

  7. Just wait for s23. That's what I'm waiting for lol. I think it should come out in 2-3 months. If you can't wait then go for any of the s22s. Good choices. You can also get a sizable discount for trading your old phone

  8. I'm pretty sure it's closer to 5-6 months for the s23 series

  9. I have a metal cutting saw that I use to cut things like this. Should invest in one. They aren't that expensive

  10. Quake is one game that has aged like wine. I had never played it and recently played it and it was really fun

  11. This is what America is like under the democrats. If we had a republican...oh wait it would still be the same fucking thing cause capitalism

  12. Heyo any update regarding the results after applying Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut?

  13. It's doing ok. Initially it was good but it kind of went back to old temps. I'm gonna liquid cool it though. Just waiting for the right time.

  14. Oh interesting, what kind of liquid cooling setup are you looking at?

  15. We paid $20k for a 115k Highlander. It had one owner and was in great condition.

  16. This is like an interesting & sad "what if" scenario that Kurapika passed by the spiders when they were on their way to slaughter the kurtas.

  17. Good for ratings, bad for brain cells. I wouldn’t be surprised if she suffered some permanent damage.

  18. You really think two light weight female fighters would be capable of causing that kind of damage?

  19. It has a 10 year warranty dude. Just take it to the dealer. Hell, they give you a 3 complimentary service warranty so they advantage of both

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