1. How are y'all getting 6* relics? Elder difficulty side quest ??

  2. OG Cap Act 8 final boss confirmed??

  3. Legendary difficulty every day, candy almost everyday except one, got the 6* AG. I did get 6* Rintrah and 6* Mysterio from the side quest cavs, though.

  4. Who was yesterday's duel tatget? The Nathan Summers one.

  5. Same happened with Map 2 Beast. Had Hela's nodes.

  6. Thanks! Got any IDs or quests or anything?

  7. 0 points. I don't have a single deadpool 🥲

  8. Is this an objective for thronebreakers and above? Because I can't see it (I'm cav)

  9. Almost 5 mil. I never let mine go below 3 mil.

  10. Teach me your ways( and please for the love of god don't say arena)

  11. Daily crystal being automatically claimed with the calendar

  12. Definitely not, but the wording just looked dumb to me

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