1. Has Mississippi been on one of these polls yet? Because it’s definitely the worst state

  2. sudden fear that he passed away you fucker op. You fucker.

  3. Check out BoZinsky themes. Dark and minimal, really elegant and complete

  4. I searched him up and applied one of his themes, I gotta say, it really works for me! Thanks alot!

  5. I might have gotten the scooter thing wrong, but I assure you that this is true. Pinch hit well was a closer in only the flash version of Hotdoggeria, and every other closer got at least an appearance as a closer twice. Don’t believe me? Trishna, pizzeria to go and cupcakeria flash, Rudy is a closer in both versions of donuteria, heck, even duke an Petrona reappear as closers in cluckeria. In fact, this might change in the next game. Edit: rowley.

  6. The couple is unnoficial and I always thought darkson's desing was terrible, and with Liezel makes it worse. It's only origin is a scene in devian art and I hate it. I always shipped Liezel with roy, because roy has no sing of a girlfriend, but this couple wants me to throw my desktop out the window.

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