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Week 17 Video: Bills x Bengals

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  1. Play at .75x speed for a closer to real life speed. Yes she's fast, but the old video is sped up. The hands of the guitarists give it away when they start to play again

  2. Totally incorrect. Watch the movement of the men behind her. This video is not sped up.

  3. I am, and that's why I know it's slightly sped up (the guitarists' hands are switching chords way too fast and jerky to be natural). Not saying it's done intentionally, but I think it's more of a byproduct of the conversion from the old film like with frame rates. It just looks much more natural when slowed down to .75x.

  4. Sirianni grew up a Steelers fan. Fuck that guy.

  5. Yeahhh but that part of the southern tier, it's pretty easy to have family from PA and be raised in a Steelers house. I didn't say it was right, but I could see it make sense.

  6. GREAT fucking song man, I never hear this played unless it's blaring at my house. TOO PUMPED FOR A THURSDAY!!!

  7. I’ve got a Bills Jags mug from the same game. I’m still bitter about that dodgy PI call on Nickell Robey

  8. Lmao I thought he overthrew shakir for a second 💀

  9. My first football tears were watching the Bengals/Ravens game wining TD, then again 20 mins later when they showed Meatball and the whole locker room online. Since then I've an emotional blubbering mess when it comes to this Team.

  10. I love the ever-loving fuck out of these and SHNOWMAN. Haven't read this yet but I'll get the box of tissues ready.

  11. You'll need them. Nothing but pride in this org, team, and these young men after reading it.

  12. Coming back from his injury definitely affected him, just sounded like he realized there was more to life than just being a professional football player.

  13. I said to my wife on Sunday that it wouldn't surprise me one bit losing Tre (and other vets) after this year if we win it all.

  14. Yeah my sister in law went to high school with him and said he was an asshole. I'm willing to believe he's grown in that time.

  15. Cousin works at a winco warehouse- so Texas too I believe

  16. Yes they have a DC in Denton I think? They are a customer of ours

  17. I have this theory that they have designed plays that they have been practicing with them, but waiting till playoffs to unleash.

  18. It's the only thing that makes sense to me. That they have this 1/3 of the playbook yet to be seen by others that they are just waiting to showcase. Because it's the only thing that explains the lack of creativity and maximizing the talent of the players we have

  19. The principle is repeating "Nine times", but draws it out for dramatic effect. So the video lines up perfectly for the "Nyheim Hines" caption.

  20. Sheeters are magic. I worked for a bakery when I was 20, and I resented it when I had to learn to use a rolling pin at home. Like a peasant 😔

  21. We say like a peasant or pedestrian all the time at work, and never fails to make me giggle

  22. I know he'd likely come with a big price tag, but I'd be happy to see Sauce in Bills colors down the road. Talent aside, this move solidifies it for me that he'd be a big fan of the culture and Process.

  23. Late to the party here, but does this mod add Winterhold Metalworks? I can't figure out which mod added that building, and google isn't helping. Either way, love this mod and have been using for some time!

  24. Seems I've been California Sober since February, and I have never felt better. Down 35lbs and no more inflammations!

  25. Nice job!! Incredible isn’t it? I could not believe how easily I dropped 30 pounds after I stopped drinking. My face was so puffy but I didn’t realize it was from alcohol until I stopped.

  26. That was the BIGGEST difference, puffy face and fat neck. And I wasn't trying to even lose the weight, it just disappeared. Anyways, thanks for all you do over at

  27. Calling for rain but low wind. Don't matter, JA17 is weatherproof. LFGGGGGGG!

  28. I like the head facing the viewer. Very cool perspective for an 8 yr old!!

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