1. Wowzers! Was that stunt done with stop motion or a for reals train‽

  2. I assume they just overcranked it, the actually event was a lot slower and they play it back faster to look more dangerous.

  3. Iruma Suzuki has a lot of special skills because his parents had him do child labour and dumb adventures since birth.

  4. None of this would have happened if he just used Linux smh

  5. Authoritarianism is ALWAYS wrong, whether it is banning abortion and gay marriage or banning people from hiking or travel without vaccinations.

  6. They don't HAVE to do anything. Firefighters routinely declare buildings unsafe and pull their forces out of them even if people are still inside. No different here. If you go in the woods you accept the risk of no rescue. But if I want to go into the woods, that's my right to do. How do you think all these photos of the fire that everyone is upvoting are ending up online? It is people going into the forest to look at it cause its neat to look at.

  7. I don't think you can physically productively do that, like the rate of returns have to almost go negative after 80 hours.

  8. Does anybody care what this guy thinks?

  9. The moderators didn’t want to mod the sub anymore and so they shut it down

  10. If the name seems familiar but you can't place it, you might be thinking of The Scarlet Pumpernickel a classic Warner Brothers short.

  11. You know what's also a great exercise, swimming.

  12. Wait are you trusting Pat? That's breaking like rule #2 after don't trust Woolie. Pat will always surprise you no matter whay he says.

  13. Because having a child means he can't play the same game for multiple sessions?

  14. He's gonna get that baby brain where he forgets about everything but the baby. The past will be a fog with a lighthouse of baby guiding him forward and the plots of long videogames turn to mud upon the ground. All he will have is a flashlight of fighting game inputs and 90s references to defend himself against the dark horrors of streaming.

  15. The issue is that they didn't Predorder The Lord of the Rings: Gollum™️ to receive the Emotes Pack DLC, which includes 6 of his most iconic gestures and sayings.

  16. Stealing windows is not hard

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