1. FSG has a problem of not spending money when they should. In MLB the routinely are way under top spenders. The Yankees, the Red Sox main rival, spent almost $200 million this year and they spent $99 million. They’ll spend a little to get the team close to a championship then break them up. Their World Series wins are off great pitching not a loaded roster.

  2. Today only missing Thiago and Nunez are you sure?

  3. All of those players would not start together and Gomez is just as much of a starter as Konate and Matip. So, we aren't missing all of those players from the starting lineup. Keita has never been fit and Ox rarely has. You are proving my point about FSG being negligent in not backing Klopp's transfers.

  4. This would be super welcomed but I can’t see it happen here. Ref + VAR are already getting things wrong, and everyone will throw the rule book at them. Also some commentators do pass on some of the rationale why a decision went a certain way. Though I would have loved to hear in on why Douglas Luiz was given a red and what they made of Mitrovic’s over acting.

  5. Yes, I agree it is needed and would help fans a lot, especially in the ground too who can't hear what's going on. But, you're right they won't open themselves up to even more scrutiny when they are already proving that they are not up to the job.

  6. This is great. Was dying to have this sort of thing in the Prem similar to the NFL when referees express their thoughts as to why the decision was made.

  7. If you look at the posts, you'll see I was repeatedly abused by people who couldn't dispute facts. Does it bother me? Not particularly because they just proved they couldn't counter my argument. However, my point here is that my posts were right and therefore, their comments invalid. Yes, I like proving hateful trolls wrong and countering their abuse with fact

  8. If this studs to the head action is done by Nunez, then it would be straight red card 100%

  9. Without a doubt and it just shows the hypocrisy

  10. He didn't stud someone's head, that would mean there was intent. Dudes a tower, the ball was at a height he could bring it down with his foot, for the other guy it was too high so he decided to go more for the drop header. Yeah his foot hit his head.. but also his head hit his foot. Don't put your head down when up against a beast.... and I'm not in any way a city supporter.

  11. He did stud someone's head, as his foot, and studs, his the opponent's head. Intention is irrelevant to endangering an opponent and excessive force, which this was. A defender has a right to head the ball, the attacker doesn't then have a right to kick his head and he didn't control the ball either, he completely missed it, so evidently a serious foul. Your argument would only have any merit if he actually did win the ball first and control it, but he didn't.

  12. Total expenditure is way less important than net spend. But that said those 2 have recruited way better than anyone else in recent years. Shows how important the DoF and scouting department are (as well as financial might)

  13. Yes, our net spend is less than a lot of the league and our recruitment has been virtually perfect.

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