1. https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/?i=mr9hq5e9t0i7&utm_content=1ruusw6

  2. I think pink amp on Archetype tim henson is a JCM800

  3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qnnZH7yVLBYfkdHmfgUmsCFfYMNzF9ee/view?usp=drivesdk


  5. I'm more of a dog man but instill respect the feline and the playing is clean man

  6. Dude the middle part with the cool breakdown and the harmonics sounds like it could have been on Nasty. Shame that riff is hidden in the middle of such a trash song LOL

  7. that riff is also my favourite part, but yeah as I said before is much more about personal preference!

  8. Just not a fan of his voice, it's really grating.

  9. yeaaaah, it's pretty much personal preference but yes if u do not like killstation's voice, instrumental is just perfect!

  10. That's cute if it's Krys10 because Scotties girlfriend's name is Kristen.

  11. Sounds great man! Also, you must have the lowest strings I've ever seen lol😂

  12. I know maaan HAHAHA always djenty never un-djenty 🙏 And thank you btw homie ❤️

  13. I've got the same feeling bro But actually it's pretty catchy, so its good for me!

  14. I don’t hate it, I do like the catchiness, hopefully it brings more folks in to enjoy the genius of polyphia

  15. Yeaah, also wanna hear the instrumental version!

  16. by listening the damn song all morning and trying to make it sound good. the first part was the most difficult one and then all the chords were similar :D


  18. I was about to ask for this man, thanks

  19. What is this program called and how does it work? Looks sick

  20. It is Archetype: Tim Henson by Neural DSP It's a plugin that recreates the sound of Tim and Polyphia on the guitar with 3 diferent amplifiers, pedals and a Multivoicer Pedal that can be used with midi cords to sound like Rich Kids intro, for example.

  21. Huh, that’s pretty cool. Is the whole plug-in designed by Tim or is it a pre existing one that he added on to? And I’m guessing you can’t actually run your own guitar through it right?

  22. There are other plugins like these such as: Archetype Abasi, Plini, Nolly, Cory Wong, Petrucci, etc

  23. Clean sec. in Physical Education (AAL), God Hand (Tim), Butter (Tim's cover), that riff on Inner Assasins (AAL), The Woven Web (AAL, hard af but good practice with the motion), Quintuplet Meditation (Tim)

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