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  1. i’m honestly not sure how safe it is, especially as a trans person, to post your own license plate number online like this..

  2. yeah I also agree, when I saw this and was Missouri I got a little concerned. there are unfortunately trolls everywhere that may take your information so I really recommend op takes this down.

  3. It flared me and I didn't find much use from taking it.


  5. Try marshmallow root 30 minutes before you drink. Some people swear by the tea but I only do capsules and it lets me drink a little.

  6. I believe Four. Seven. Three. (473) has a cannabis friendly patio but I've never been

  7. Having played video games with gear looting, I have no idea what it means. I had assumed it meant "best in show" like some sort of water version of a cat pageantry. But now you're talking about games and I have no idea what it could stand for.

  8. Man I play WoW where we use BiS all the time, and I still didn't understand what it meant when the other dude first commented it. It makes so little sense in this situation that even those that do know what it stands for would still not recognise it.

  9. it doesn't make sense in the situation but it's still a common term

  10. You might want to try something with a lot of CBD first, especially if you’re new to cannabis. I used a tincture that had fifteen times more CBD than THC when I first started. It helped me sleep.

  11. Definitely balance CBD and THC.

  12. basically a voucher would give money to someone to send their kids to a private school using money that wouldnl otherwise go to the public school district while the tax credit allows people to pay for school then claim the deduction.

  13. Wasn’t there some study that showed TSA has never actually stopped a terror attack?

  14. If you already have an OK ID the sand springs tag agency seems to be pretty empty usually.

  15. I honestly still would rather return it to the coral so it's easier for the employees to grab.

  16. Just park in the cop spot. It's not legally protected, they can't ticket or tow you for it. I've been doing it every time I go for over a year and no one has said anything, much less asked me to move my car. It's basically reserved parking for anyone who isn't a bootlicker.

  17. good idea, I prefer to park far away and walk but if I ever need to be close to the store for whatever reason I'll use it

  18. Also the test is WAY to easy to pass you can get like 8 wrong out of 45 iirc.

  19. I overhead them talking about it at the DMV when I was getting my ID, you have 5 skips you can use to get a new question if you're stuck and you only need to get a 20/25 to pass.

  20. I'm not sure if they're taking new patients but there is Diversity Family Health who explicitly serve queer people

  21. I started going to Diversity Family Health when Russel first opened the clinic in Tulsa. I highly recommend them.

  22. They're great. I know they're having a bit of frustration with the business side (needing more NPs but not wanting to add more until they're overbooked), but they all still do a great job.

  23. Interesting to note the two trans shooters were not just trans, they were trans men. And like the vast majority of shooters they were men! This is, in so many ways, going to be weaponized with no understanding of fact or reason. They are going to take guns from trans people just like black people and they didn't stop at guns with black people

  24. why does them being trans men not make them trans?

  25. bruh they're talking about weed 💀

  26. I just received my approval today (3/27), I submitted my application on 3/10. They got back on the 11th business day (17th day with weekends).

  27. You'll probably get yours approved tomorrow or Wednesday, I think they're flooded with rec not passing.

  28. Do you think doing it this way would help with bladder pain?

  29. I'm not a doctor, this isn't medical advice, but based on my experience I think it would help with just about any pain, especially (but not limited to) those located in the area between solar plexus and knee caps.

  30. I guess I meant to ask if you feel it in your bladder as well lol. But good call on the medical advice disclaimer 😅

  31. Sure, a good amount of republicans in day-to-day are fairly normal individuals, the politicians fuckin suck though lmao.

  32. Classism. The reduction of pubic welfare programs. The reduction of taxes on the rich. For profit healthcare. Lax gun control. Blaming addicts. Blaming the homeless. Continuation of the prison industrial complex. The continued funding of our bloated military. Taking reproductive rights away from women. Allowing children to get married. RACISM. SEXISM. HOMOPHOBIA. GENDER INEQUALITY. FUCKING UNFETTERED CAPITALISM.

  33. Often people who call Reagan a good president have been passed down their beliefs OR don't actually know what he did. Basically, lack of education where Republicans have always thrived.

  34. This was super helpful thank you!! I’m hoping that T won’t effect me since I plan to go on a super low dose due to stroke risk. I track me cycle currently and if I’m tracking correctly, all my low periods of estrogen are when I get flares. I’m freshly off of bc tho, so I’m hoping that one my hormones level out again I’ll be in remission. Before I start t I plan to meet with an endo just to make sure I’ll be okay since bc nearly caused a stroke for me. Going on t is a must so I pray it won’t cause a flare

  35. Yeah I get that. I get my T through a clinic that deals with mostly LGBT+ patients so they have more knowledge on the process and side effects from transitioning. I definitely recommend seeing if there's one near you and that they know how to monitor for stroke risk.

  36. I wish I could express how thankful I am for your input, i really appreciate this so much!!

  37. Yeah no problem, I like helping in whatever way I can :)

  38. And both are slutmogs, they're not mutually exclusive hahahahaha

  39. “But Tony could only build this stuff because he had access to the resources. How did she get them before Wakanda?”

  40. I see somebody missed the part where her first suit was bulky and inconvenient like Tony's.

  41. And also crashed on the first test run!

  42. I mean technically it's more broad than that, but one, everything it covers is still either illegal or morally wrong and two, there is no way of explaining the difference without sounding like a pedophile.

  43. yeah, I hate defending pedophiles but the ones that realize they're fucked up and isolate themselves from everyone are actually good. creepy and weird still, but at least they're harmless.

  44. I try to always carry change incase I encounter a homeless person. If one has a dog I’ll try and scavenge more.

  45. Man there's so many homeless people near me, I was pretty giving when I first got here but I just can't afford to give money to everyone :(

  46. Okay. That would work. I was kind of hoping to avoid that. I used to work the counter at an auto parts store and it was always so inconvenient when someone came in wanting a bunch of change.

  47. I worked at a gas station, we had a machine that swapped bills for change (we also dropped money in it when our drawers got too high). We'd just throw the bill in there and get a fresh roll or two for you.

  48. "Little cars" is relative. If everyone drove a sedan, sedans wouldn't be little.

  49. and light trucks aren't crash compatible with any other car on the road. they're popular because of a looser regulations so companies marketed the shit out of them to save money.

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