1. Hi friends. I had an transvaginal ultrasound with our fertility clinic this morning. She told me that my uterus and ovaries looked great and that I’m ovulating either today or tomorrow (not news to me since I’m still using LH strips). So with these findings coupled with a normal HSG, our protocol has dropped from IVF down to TI.

  2. I’ve done two medicated/TI cycles. To me, the clinic served as an OPK. I got blood work to confirm I was surging and they informed me when to have sex (usually the day of surge and a day after). Then I got my progesterone tested 7 days to confirm ovulation (only the first time and it didn’t need to be repeated because it was sufficient).

  3. Thank you so much! Sounds fairly straight forward!

  4. How long have you been TTC? My opinion depends on your answer. If you just started and the endo isn’t causing you a lot of pain, I’d say to leave it alone. If you’ve been TTC for over a year or the endo is causing debilitating pain, I’d recommend having the excision done. Ensure that it will be performed with an experienced surgeon. Good luck!

  5. Hey thanks for the response, I appreciate it. We actually haven’t tried yet, I’ve been on Visanne! That’s why I’m so unsure really (don’t want to ruin things without even trying first). I do have a lot of pain though and worry about being pregnant with adhesions. Feel like if I’m going to need it, I may as well get it out of the way so healing can begin.

  6. Your health is top priority when TTC, so I think you’re making a good decision to get the excision first. I’ve had 2 laps, one ablation and one excision, and have been TTC for 8 months. All of our tests have come back (thankfully) great, and I’m so happy that I got the surgery.

  7. This is how my parents treated me, and I still respected them. Because that’s what you do.

  8. WOooooOooo HoooOooooOooo B!!!!!! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH, my friend!! Get the hell outta here and STAY OUT! 💗💗💗 I hope you have the quietest 9 months and enjoy every minute!!!!

  9. I’m sorry you’re going through this, it sounds so awful and you deserve to live a pain free life. I know that a hysterectomy is a personal decision, but please know that it’s not a cure for endo. I recommend another excision surgery, it sounds like the adhesions are taking over other organs or even possibly fusing them together. Best of luck to you 💗

  10. School can be a really shitty time for alot of people. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this. Coming from someone who was bullied, I can say that 20 years later I no longer care what other people think of me. It can be exhausting having to face the same thing every day, and for that it takes so much courage. Feeling confident in how you look will project into the universe in ways that are unspoken. It is easier said than done, but try listening to podcasts and saying affirmations until it becomes a habit. You are better than the bullies. Stay strong my friend.

  11. Can this sub make a rule that if you post a screenshot with"discussion" flair, the OP has to initiate discussion? This seems such a low effort thing to post

  12. I’m pretty sure that OP is initiating discussion just by making this post, which 99% of people do here. If it’s not your style, you can always visit a different sub?

  13. Congratulations! My plan is to buy a bottle of wine or whiskey and get a premade label from Etsy that says “pairs well with becoming grandparents” to stick over the original bottle label. Feel free to steal this idea 😃

  14. These are pretty. I know you didn’t swatch the lilac one but that’s my favorite, as a fair neutral olive with some facial redness

  15. I am so mad that I'm in this situation. Why can other people conceive so easily yet I have to go through 3 years of heartache and pumping myself with all kinds of meds that completely mess with my head. The world sucks

  16. I’m so sorry, jumbles 💜 just here to commiserate. It’s so shitty and unfair.

  17. I have such an amazing story to share with you all, and I truly hope that it gives at least one person so much hope in the jOuRnEy. Many of you know that I had my first HSG back in October and the doctor said that I had “tubal disease” and “distal occlusion” at the ends of both tubes, indicating partial blockages. Most likely from endo and/or the surgeries I’ve had to remove it.

  18. Wow! This is amazing - I’m so happy that you had such great news. Very interesting to hear the things you’ve been doing to help - I bet that all feels very worth it now!

  19. Thank you- and yes, it feels like a miracle honestly!

  20. To be honest, your brows at rest look more lifted at the 1 week mark which is interesting because mine always droop slightly for roughly the first 6-8 days after treatment, before going back to normal.

  21. Brows - need shape and definition, also add some blush and contour!

  22. Botox to smooth existing wrinkles, and tretinoin to maintain and prevent future wrinkles.

  23. It was a lucrative paid sponsorship with L’Oréal. Not pr or product she bought herself.

  24. I thought she could still give her honest opinions about it even if it was paid? I guess I don’t know how it works.

  25. I’m actually shocked that she did this. Normally she flat out tells us when products suck or when she just doesn’t like them or they don’t work, etc. So I don’t understand why she felt the need to deceive her viewers this time. I’m disappointed actually.

  26. As someone with rosacea, erborian CC Red Correct. I hate going out without makeup because of my super uneven skintone and cheek redness, but this gives me just enough coverage / correction to feel comfortable to go without.

  27. Would this be good for fair skinned olive complexion? Always hesitant to try those types of products that supposedly adapt to your skin tone cuz they end up looking too orange!

  28. Skin 1004 hyalu-cica blue serum has a fragrance that reminds me of childhood. Like when I used to play with makeup as a kid. I cannot put my finger on it, but it smells so good. It’s not an added fragrance, because I hate those. Must be from one of the ingredients.

  29. I’m TTC#1, however, I can understand the pain associated with already having a child but really desiring to have “x” number of children and not feeling like your family is complete without it. So what I’m saying is, both scenarios are painful…. in their own way. Not comparable, in my opinion.

  30. Just started using Haruharu wonder black rice toner and liking it so far. It has a thicker consistency and feels really nice going on the skin.

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