1. Have you considered/tried multi-level cooking? If you can, try and get a 18" cooking grate, stand it up with a few empty cans and now you've got two levels. Bottom grate for "hot" zone and top grate for warm/slow cooking zone.

  2. I like the sound of this - very interesting. Thanks!

  3. Okay I was wrong... The cans are too tall to fit:

  4. Thanks for everything - really appreciate it!

  5. This is a lot of work, but totally doable. I think you're going to need more charcoal and you're going to struggle to keep all areas of your grate at a comparable temp, but that just makes it easier to have the burgers with some pink on them on the outside of your grate and those who prefer their's cooked all the way through in the center. Personally I'd limit it to no more than 10 burgers each iteration so you can actually maneuver all the patties in a single flip time, but you know what you're capable of so go with that.

  6. Thanks! How much charcoal do you think?

  7. I'd have another 1/3 of chimney of lit charchoal ready to go about half way through your burger cook, and you can add as needed. Temp and burn time depend greatly on the brand and style of charcoal you use, but assuming you are about half way done with your cook 30 minutes in, I'd be ready to dump more coals on top then to ensure your temps aren't dropping below 500.

  8. “Wise woman wise woman….”

  9. I don't know why Don Beveridge isn't in the Hall. I don't know why we have to talk about it for 3 days. CLEAN. IT. UP.

  10. Don Beveridge absolutely deserves to be in the hall of fame. It’s beautiful that in the first black spine episode they picked that crazy bastard.

  11. There should be peace in every country and we wouldn't have any war. Because we don't want the Japs anymore....BAAAH!

  12. I told you not to be stupid ya moron

  13. I think he’d gel great with everyone

  14. Awesome - thanks for sharing.

  15. I can’t believe you would call that number! Why would you call that number!

  16. This ain’t Hot Rod Magazine pal!

  17. Moore's Automotive in Tolland off of exit 68 is fantastic. Honest and reasonable.

  18. Looks great. Doing the same thing tonight on my Weber kettle.

  19. Southern CT weather is great. They mostly post on Facebook, but have their website as well

  20. Absolutely love Southern CT weather!

  21. Here are the issues I’m gonna make it short and sweet

  22. I called the manufacturer, (Kohler), and they sent me a replacement diverter for free. I then hired a plumber to do the replacement. All good now!

  23. 106.9 WCCC (Hartford)- not his first run, when it was in syndication in the 90’s

  24. I miss that station - was so great back then

  25. Isn’t it a Christian station now?

  26. It is…been that way for at least a few years.

  27. At the store getting stuff now for queso dip. First time doing it.

  28. They better keep the original theme song…”I was out in the kitchen with a broom and a mop…”

  29. I think it looks really cool but it seems like very few people have this color. Has anyone seen it in person or own it? Could staining be an issue?

  30. Why would so many people downvote this post? It’s terrifying this happened.

  31. yea I cant figure that out either. I don't usually post things, but I hadn't seen this posted and I really think people need to know what is going on so they can try to be more aware of their surroundings

  32. It was actually posted a day or two ago, but barely got any traction. Again - so odd to me.

  33. So cool. Where’d you get this?

  34. I bought it off of their Bandcamp a few years back! Since Best/Wheel of the Worst is my absolute favorite, I requested that the whole crew sign it. I’m guessing it had to have been around the time they stopped signing in general.

  35. CLEAN. IT. UP……watch.

  36. Best video I’ve seen in a long time from Cinemassacre - awesome.

  37. But he does the shimmy slide. That’s a fact.

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