1. Sounds like me with our 1st. Our 2nd is 3 weeks and I'm already mentally preparing myself for hey bear.

  2. That's really refreshing to hear. Almost everyone I know is taking a full year (pretty common in the UK) but I'm not sure I have it in me to do this for another 6 months. I am not a children's TV presenter, I don't have the energy or imagination. She will have a blast at nursery, I will miss her with my whole heart but I can't give her the experience she will get there. Parenting is way harder than my job (which is pretty demanding). No job I've ever had has been so crazy I haven't had time to shower!

  3. First of all, congratulations! Doesn't necessarily feel like it now, but you are at the start of a beautiful new adventure. One day there will be more goods than bads, more giggles than screams, slightly more sleep and slightly fewer poops to deal with.

  4. A nurse advised dripping breast milk on our LO’s diaper rash and it worked like a frickin miracle. It seemed like a crazy thing to do - leaning over to drip straight from the tap on his little bum, but it was gone within a couple days. We stopped using the destin at all.

  5. We did the same for eczema - would be gone by the next day! I kept thinking if I could recreate breastmilk in a tank, stick it in a tube and sell it, I'd be a billionaire 🤣

  6. Yes! This!! I think independent sleep is great, but that will come with time. I keep telling myself I want my son to feel safe enough in me (to know he has a safe space ANY time) so that he feels confident to explore and do things on his own when he’s ready. Yes, holding him for a lot of naps is tiring and I don’t get things done, but he is happy and safe and feels loved. That is what I’m there for!

  7. I get pinned by naps too, but when I get frustrated I try and remember that one day she'll be a teenager and maybe she won't hug me so much because it's embarrassing to hug your mum, and so I drink it all in while I can 😅

  8. The way I look at it is right and wrong are not black and white, there's MANY shades of grey in between and no matter what we do, we're going to regret it at some point so might as well just do what makes us or them happy lol the joys of parenting 😂

  9. Exactly. We're surrounded by "don't do X or they'll be a nightmare when they are older" or "so and so did Y method and their baby is a perfect angel". I just take each day at a time and aim for "alive and (mostly) happy"

  10. Being an annoying younger sibling and a child of the 90s my response would be something like "well no one wants to see your face, and yet we're all subjected to it" 🤣

  11. Right there with you. My body has a weight it wants to be and I don't have any say in it! The only thing I would say to others (as I'm sure you already know all this) but even if your weight stagnates, doesn't mean you aren't losing fat. I have very, very slowly been losing chub and gaining muscle (babies make great freeweights!) but the scales remain the same. I probably should have been doing waist measurements instead this whole time. Also, I discovered using scales first thing in the morning isn't necessarily the most accurate weight as it would be for non-breastfeeding people. Due to the hulking great breakfast (and second breakfast) my LO enjoys, I am full to the brim when I wake up. Late morning I can be as much as 500g/1lb lighter.

  12. I’m not saying you shouldn’t go, but we asked our pediatrician if we could take our 10 week old to the pool and she gave us a definitive no, saying that the chemicals and temperature were an issue.

  13. Depends on the pool. Here, 99% of our public swimming pools are indoor and usually have dedicated shallow kiddie pools set to the right temperature. You can technically take any age baby to those (even a tiny fresh raisin), as long as you rinse them off after. Though I agree that outdoor/adult size pools are a no no.

  14. You could try the bait and switch. Every time they ask a baby-related question, you respond with as short an answer as possible and quickly ask them a question about a totally unrelated topic (did you see X on the news, or have you seen Y relative lately?). You technically haven't ignored their question, but you've also made it very difficult for them to change the subject back round to baby.

  15. This exact thing happened to me when our daughter was a new potato. My husband was out so I was anxious about getting her to sleep on my own (he would normally do the rocking as she would associate me with feeding and not settle). She must have picked up on it because she cried and cried and cried (and so did I!). Ended up having to call husband home, and he sat in the rocking chair with her and she drifted straight off. I remember feeling like she didn't want me, and I was just a dairy cow. In reality she needed what we call "a change of perspective" - different person, or room, or entertainment. Jokes on me, I am now the ONLY one who gets her to sleep and I wish I could hand her over like I used to!

  16. My husband's stepmom refused to give my daughter to me.

  17. Urgh even imagining that situation gives me a pit in my stomach. We're going to a big family event soon where I know everyone is going to want to hold my daughter and pass her around and I haaaaaate it.

  18. You have every right to say NO 💕🥰

  19. I know, I'm still getting used to standing my ground and not being a polite people-pleaser 🙈 they're all lovely people and I know she would be safe but my reptile brain is terrified of losing track of where she is

  20. My daughter loves heybear videos, to the point I have actually paid for my own copy of one to avoid YouTube adverts. It's just the ticket to calm her down before a nap, and gives me the occasional 15 minutes to have a shower or load the washing machine. She is hitting her developmental milestones either bang on or early for her age, and she is super smiley and sociable. I grew up on TV and I like to think I turned out okay! It's nice for them to have a period of time to happily sit by themselves too, and is the beginnings of independent play. So no, I wouldn't worry about it!

  21. If you're drinking enough (and peeing enough), so are they! We've spent most of the day on a pull out bed downstairs hiding with the curtains closed. Hit 38 Celsius here, but managed to keep it down to 28 inside. Little one has never been so happy to splash in a cold bath!

  22. I dropped to 77kg right after birth. 5 months PP, still stuck between 76-78kg. If I try to eat less or exercise to burn more calories, my supply dries up. So I chose to say "fuck you" to everyone who thinks my weight or my appearance have any higher priority than feeding my baby. But everyone is different - my SIL is on her 5th baby and went from a puffy cloud to "holy shit are you okay" level skinny in almost a month.

  23. Funny, I am also stuck exactly in the 76-77kg zone. Got there more slowly than you did, but never dropped a gram below in nearly 5 months. My body has decided this is what it wants to be, and I'm coming to accept it. They say gradual loss is better for your skin anyway (and mine could do with all the help it can get). Also, silver lining - I may not lose weight, but I can eat a bunch of biscuits and cake and it doesn't go up either!

  24. Our house is a wreck! I don’t have much time to clean! It bothered me a lot the first few months but I think I’m 60% used to it now

  25. Just bought a mid-range robot vacuum and it has changed my life. I put little smiley face stickers on him and it makes my day to see him happily scoot around sucking up crumbs. His name is Bobot (baby talk has ruined us).

  26. My parents, grandmother & sister all live within an hour of us so I understand. Can you have family at your house? It's easier for us to have family come to us so we don't spend 2 hours driving for a dinner with family.

  27. That's what we were doing for a while and you're right it was better, but the last time we had family over somehow we ended up doing all the hosting work and baby work! I had to serve my own food one handed holding baby because no one offered to help me, and after that I didn't feel particularly motivated to have anyone to the house again!

  28. Sassy the Sasquatch… because she was very hairy when she was born. I’ve had to stop with that nickname now that she’s learning language. Now it’s Sassatron 3000.

  29. We use Sassy McSassquatch to refer to anyone in the family who is getting a bit snippy. It sounds so ridiculous it'll turn any frown upside down 😂

  30. My little bean! Cause she’s my lil bean 💕

  31. Our Bean is a bean too! In fact I can go days without using her "real" name. She is usually Smol Bean, but when she is growing she is a String Bean and when we cuddle she is my Beany Baby (can you tell I'm a 90s kid haha)

  32. Already planning the video games we will play together, and preparing the grand tale of what a floppy disk is and how Mummy had to launch games using MS-DOS

  33. First of all - take a deep breath. You are great, your baby is great, and you're doing great.

  34. Sadly I can't stand beer, let alone Guinness (the beeriest beer of them all), but I love Guinness chocolate cake so I think that should count 😂

  35. I bought a pack today to try and help my supply that’s been dropping and I absolutely hated it. My stomach feels like I sipped lead

  36. They say it's a meal in a glass but I guess the meal they are referring to is a plate of dirt 😂

  37. Months 10-11 were when I really felt I had reached the light at the end of the tunnel. On a good schedule, sleep was great and felt so confident. And my son was showing personality!

  38. Can I use 9 months to skip pregnancy and get a 2 month old delivered to my door instead? 😂 I never used to understand one and done (I love having a sibling) but holy heck me and my broken body get it now.

  39. This is hilarious. I've had to double check more than once. One way to look at it is that those people should feel extremely honoured to see such an incredible, life giving boobie 😂

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