1. Ruby ridge, shooting started when their dog got shot by an agent (I actually think it was a different agency than the ATF, even though this is kind of where the meme originates from?) and the 14 year old owner fired back at them. Accounts vary but I think this is the generally accepted stuff

  2. It's not how fast the bullet travels it's how fast you draw, partner

  3. Didn’t they try something similar in the shit show that was the rittenhouse trial? Prosecutor started talking about exploding bullets and dumb shit.

  4. Yeah, prosecutor was talking about hollow points being explosive

  5. Please tell me this was actually in Calvin and Hobbes

  6. Russia walking away after Ukraine points out annexation has got to be the perfect representation of an argument with vatnik or tankie

  7. Depends on the color of loctite you use. Red will never come back out. Blue will hold but can be taken out. There's a bunch of other colors too

  8. You could look at optrel. I don't know the Canadian prices but optrel is top tier

  9. There was a case in OK where a woman shot her abusive husband while he was asleep. Her defense was essentially "He needed killin'." She was acquitted. Pretty much the entire town testified that he was a worthless sumbitch and needed to die.

  10. Wasn't it a colt peacemaker with long barrel so he could clock dudes up side the head? Aka Buffalo them?

  11. I think it was a colt buntline specifically

  12. The most I do is pay them off when I’m sick of dealing with bounty hunters for a bit but that’s after its gotten to the thousand dollar mark

  13. My favorite way to get bad honor is go to valentine and go to the barn in the stockade straight back from the train station. Climb up the ladder and just start shooting. Lawmen will start coming in, just keep shooting until your bounty drops

  14. Do you reference the heated seat subscription that a particular auto manufacturer, I can't remember the name of, came out with? Hell the movie " Ready Player One " made that same reference, ad revenue generates money, and people are far from corruptible when the number of zeros start to increase.

  15. I’ve just started yesterday. Is that seriously how strong enemies are at the higher level??

  16. How did the Killdozer not make the list? But seriously the Betsy Ross flag? I'm surprised Black Rifle Coffee merch wasn't on the list.

  17. remove the battery. press buttons randomly. sometimes microprocessors lockup. doing this discharges any current on the PCB and resets the microprocessor.

  18. Acts like the internals got wet, might have to get starret to replace/repair it. Sometimes a battery change fixes them, sometimes smashing on all the buttons a bunch works, and sometimes tapping on it lightly works. I would see what it would cost to have it repaired, and go from there.

  19. Thanks, will look into it. I've contacted Starrett but they haven't responded yet

  20. Aesthetically speaking either the knights or the fal. Performance wise I've been having really good luck with the brn180

  21. I love them on valley right now. One taps armored suspects with good placement

  22. I've still got PTSD from the John Wick crackheads. They taught me never to take chances. If they're too close to a door and I can't see their hands, im wallbanging. If they're farther away and I cant see their hands, im putting a door charge. If they surrender and move for any reason, it's a two tap.

  23. Just put one in the corpses head with your sidearm

  24. I know the guitar part, Banjos are expensive.

  25. I don't know your price range, but washburn and deering both make decently priced banjos

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