1. Looks like the title of that article is currently "Under pressure, George Santos steps aside from House committees"

  2. When I inputted the link to submit the article this was the title that was generated. The last time I edited the title after submitting a link the post got flagged. This time around, I just left it as is since I have no idea which way is correct anymore.

  3. Jorgeous' smirk right before she sent Orion back to space.

  4. Salina had no business being in that bottom two.

  5. Jaymes Mansfield and Sugar looking good together

  6. Jaymes, sweetie, I'm so sorry....

  7. It's fantastic for sure. If I fleshed out a top four, it'd be:

  8. I just thought it stood out against the rest.

  9. Whatever happens this episode, can we all agree that Janelle Monáe wins the runway?

  10. I’m so confused, so Todrick is uncancelled and now he has a show cutting into drag races time slot?

  11. “The next drag superstar shouldn’t be a lazy bitch.” — Jujubee re: Tyra

  12. "I wanted to say take off your hat bitch. You're balding bitch. Take your hat off."

  13. The editing for the Untucked intro that season was WILD. Nobody thought anyone but Willam was being talked about.

  14. These are amazing! Do y'all ship internationally?

  15. I used to ship outside of North America but it stopped because too many packages were getting lost. Reshipping and refunding international shipments killed my profits.

  16. Can somebody please tell me what he’s saying? Thank you!

  17. He was tip-collecting for a S12 queen once at a club. After he rounded up the cash, he asked the queen where the money should be left.

  18. She would 100% cover herself in meat and rhinestones just to show up to the red carpet and flip off Colleen Caviello-Pesto.

  19. https://people.com/parents/asaf-goren-welcomes-baby-boy-partner-maayan-rudich/

  20. I was wrong due to hearing something else. Thanks for the update!

  21. My boyfriend and I gasped. That look saved her ass and only cost her her spine.

  22. https://giphy.com/gifs/l46CC5yoZtNAaClRC

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