1. This is it. This is peak relaxation. 💚

  2. Bob's Burgers, Archer, or RuPaul's Drag Race are usually all our TV plays. 🤣

  3. Who are we to say that it usually doesn't?

  4. Okay, but hear me out, this would be a hilarious episode.

  5. YES!!! So are we, as a Reddit community, collectively petitioning for this to be an episode and for you to write it???

  6. I would never say no to being part of the Bob's Burgers Universe! 🤣💚

  7. How do you form a reasonable third party out of a bunch of extremists exactly?

  8. It's probably simple to do once you remove the word "reasonable".

  9. Realistically, if he appeals to SCOTUS, will that stop/hurt the DOJ's investigation?

  10. Two besties just want to get together and talk?

  11. She was originally supposed to be on AS1 when Phi Phi was scheduled to be on it. I wouldn't be surprised if production intended them to be on the same team just for the chemistry.

  12. And they work across the street from each other so they could easily sit down and chat lololol. As a life-long Willam stan (no I legit remember his Boston Public episode because I was one of four people who watched that show), I feel like he would only do it if he were certain he’d make top 3, and there’s simply no way to predict who WOW likes/will push.

  13. As a non-gaymer gay, I have no idea what Fall Guys is, but this is pretty cool.

  14. Have you seen the show "Wipeout"? Basically, a bunch of sentient jellybeans are racing to accomplish a certain goal (usually an obstacle course of some sort) in the quickest time possible.

  15. This season is going to be a (literal) bloodbath!

  16. What makes it even funnier is that she honestly is a drag icon.

  17. I’ve probably watched Art Crawl more than any other episode. I love how unhinged Louise is.


  19. Even though I wasn't born there, I lived in EP for six years and will always consider it home.

  20. Her photo was also one of the best!

  21. If you love something...set it on fire. 🛋🔥

  22. I felt so bad for him this episode. He was so excited!

  23. This season already looks incredible.

  24. That dress (and her mug) are GORGEOUS.

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