1. I actually think their attempt to make Elena more “relatable” in the show is part of why she’s so hated tbh.

  2. I think there’s nuance to both situations. Rapping the n-word along to a song isn’t on the same level as actually calling someone that word. And while it was dumb her complaining about black panther, I remember at the time, Western popular culture only seemed to care about diversity on screen in terms black representation, completely ignoring Asians and Latinos, so I did see her point.

  3. Maybe Asians and Latinos should start actually blaming the white dominated media for their lack of representation rather than pointing a finger at Black people. I’m so tired of this “Black people are hogging all the attention” rhetoric. We’re not stopping anyone else from doing anything.

  4. I was just a few pounds under 400 at my heaviest. Yesterday, I weighed myself, and I weighed in at 319. I obviously still have a long way to go, but I’m making progress.

  5. Pretty funny they get 200+ upvotes for their comment, and you get 50 downvotes for agreeing 😂

  6. I’m gonna get downvoted to hell, but I hated this whole plotline tbh. I hated how much they tried to make the audience feel bad for Bayley. It just felt like they were trying to push some kind of “consider both sides” agenda when it comes to police brutality. It was just so transparent, and it annoyed the hell out of me.

  7. No reason to feel cheap. You did what made you feel good at the moment. You didn't hurt anyone, not even that dude is complaining about the clearly attractive person he got to make out with. It's unfortunate you feel undesirable at times, but from experience, people are attracted to to people who believe themselves to be attractive. Confidence is sexier than body shape or looks. I wish you the best in finding your sexiness and sharing it with those you want to share it with.

  8. Honestly, people always say that, but most of my lack of confidence has come from being undesired and not vice versa.

  9. Like someone else said, because of the plot. But thinking inside of the universe, I guess maybe it only worked with Caroline because she herself didn’t actually conceive the child and was more like a supernatural surrogate.

  10. Yup. Post time jump relationships often feel like cop outs to me tbh. It allows writers to put together any random pairing without doing any actual work in terms of buildup.

  11. I feel this. I’m trying so hard to get over my internalized biases and embrace my hair how it is, but it makes me feel so unfeminine. I also see other light skinned women with longer hair and looser curl patterns than mine, and then I feel like my hair “shouldn’t” be as short and kinky as it is.

  12. Side effects probably. I’m not personally against it, but I will say it can kinda wreck your digestive system. It affects everyone differently, though. When I originally started on my full dose, I couldn’t keep it down. But then when I eased up to the dose I was completely fine and didn’t really have side effects. As long as I take it with food, I personally feel fine on it, but I understand that not everyone has had this same experience.

  13. If you’re not comfortable with them talking about that stuff with you, then you need to vocalize that rather than just letting it fester and growing resentful of them.

  14. It’s in Pikesville, but I really love Jumbo Seafood.

  15. Let’s be honest people only like natural hair when it’s long lol

  16. They only like natural hair when it’s long and someone has a naturally looser curl pattern rather than actual kinky hair

  17. Jay is an absolute mess, but he has a good heart.

  18. Hit dogs holler. People see themselves in the misogynists that you talk about, so they get defensive.

  19. Especially theatre seats. I love live theatre and hate that I have to be super physically uncomfortable to see it a lot of the time

  20. Age difference or not I hate them together. Fuck Hoyt, go back to Alaska.

  21. I was absolutely floored when they ended up together in the end. They were terrible together imo

  22. The age of consent in Louisiana is 17, still not sure it makes it appropriate with a 28 year old

  23. Exactly. A relationship can be legal and still be creepy.

  24. I thought of the exact same thing when watching that scene

  25. This weekend was not only Halloweenend but also my birthday weekend. And it was my 21st. So sitting at home alone sucked a little extra this year.

  26. Tbh, for me the knowledge that my no one will be heartbroken over my death is a big part of why I want to end my life.

  27. I feel you. I’m the same age as you and was 400 at my heaviest and I’m still well over 300. No one even considers me romantically or sexually. Whenever I have a crush on someone, my friends automatically default to feeling bad for me. It sucks.

  28. That happens to me too. I've gotten to the point where if I have feelings for someone, I just don't saying anything. One thing that we gotta remember is that we're still young and that there will be someone that will love us for who we are. Much love to you❤️

  29. Same. I always just assume the people I like don’t like me back.

  30. Wasn’t a fan. Their dynamic/romance was more interesting before they actually got together, and instead of having Damon actually significantly grow as a person, they made Elena super OOC in order to make their relationship work.

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