1. Brutally honest... you shouldn't have stuck it to the ceiling for that first pic... you only do that with pancakes. For the rest it looks delicious

  2. OMG! Best I have ever seen... Pastrami or Beef Ribs

  3. Amazing! It doesn't stop with just smoking a chunk of meat... you turned it into a delicious dish

  4. Lol. I put a rub on them before cooking and basted them with bbq sauce over the final hour. Is that something I shouldn't do?

  5. I think it's mostly the lighting of the camera. But yeah, 30min with sauce is more that enough to get the sauce to tack

  6. A cubano! Awesome! Next time use it for BBQ Fries

  7. That's a freakin masterpiece! Love the griddle on top of the firebox!

  8. How did it taste? That's all you should care about.

  9. You tried to keep it nice and supportive but couldn't help yourself... 😂

  10. Damn... always ignored those in the store... I better not do that next time. I'll maybe try with some lamb shanks too

  11. You'll love it! Just bag it and put it in the fridge for a week for the smoke flavor to settle down. If you can resist....

  12. Oh yeah, it's not my first rodeo. I'll be eating a single block of the medium cheddar while I wait for the rest so I can make a homemade Mac n cheese

  13. Smoked Mac 'n Cheese! So good! Make sure to put a panko/butter/parmesan crust on top!

  14. After I unthawed thawed it and pulled it out of the netting it was three separate pieces. The last time I did that it was a single piece. Go figure.

  15. Yeah... had those Butterball things as well... a disaster once you take it out. Still tastes great but you also want to end up with a nice whole, juicy piece instead of a Turkey that was in a car crash.

  16. Pork tenderloin rubbed with jerk paste and homemade jerk dry rub. Smoked at 225 with apple and hickory on electric smoker. Pulled around 135 internal and finished on gas grill. Probably should have pulled a little earlier but it rose in temp quickly without me watching.

  17. Spicy! I assume it was awesome after the fire died a little 🔥

  18. You know a potluck means everyone brings something, right? The others can just bring toothpicks and napkins... 😂

  19. Yeah... Same here... I just got myself a 36", not my bday but an auto-present just because... and I feel the same. It's like a huge iron cast pan and tou need to treat it that way: cook with oil and fatty stuff add it will baste by itself. Clean with paper towels, a little water and a sponge. When You are done rub a little oil on it and next time you use it it'll be perfect. I am sure that with time I will run into some issues but so far so good

  20. Not really hard to find in Miami. Even Walmart has it, cheeks and tongue

  21. I'll have to check out some Walmarts, I honestly don't hit their meat section very often.

  22. You are right, not really the place the get your meat. But... beef cheeks, tongue, wagyu patties... a few reasons to take that detour every once in a while

  23. Yeah I've looked into other meat deliveries like good ranchers and moink. But the problem with those is you don't really have a choice of what goes in the giant box of food they send you, and when you do the math you're paying $12 a pound regardless of what the meat is. I'm definitely going to give wild fork a try, I like the concept of prepackaged flash frozen meat because we like to keep a good stock in the freezer. Thank you for sharing all the info!

  24. Yeah.... in those mystery boxes there is always a ton of sausages, ground beef, patties... you pay up to $20 a pound for the steaks like that.... not worth it

  25. Let me know what you think after you ordered from Wild Fork. I passed by today for some ground meat for burgers and they had some lamb racks on sale for 50% off... guess they received too many. Threw them in the freezer. Those deals don't show up in the website I guess. But was an amazing deal

  26. You gotta find a way to survive... good choices made

  27. Looks great! I've smoked tenderloins too, on a rotisserie inside the smoker. It will not take up too much smoke because you need to pull it at a low internal temp. But you can definitly notice it has had some smoke.

  28. Walmart is sold out online so I’m guessing they’re discontinuing them. Worth checking your local store

  29. When the 800 came out they had an exclusive on this model. You could only buy it at Walmart. Not even directly from Masterbuilt. I guess this agreement is now over and they are getting rid of what they still have.

  30. Who cares what side the son/daughter prefers to eat with the bbq their dad made.

  31. The son/daughter was just born... I doubt he/she gobbles down a bowl of pasta... as a side... relax, no complaints here. He made am amazing bbq platter

  32. Awesome platter dad! Just one thing though... that pasta should have been smoked mac 'n cheese, and you know it. Apart from that, this platter is restaurant worthy. Respects when respects are due 👏🏼

  33. Looks pretty good for a first try. Even got the slicer!

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