1. Can you do "an instagram influencer taking a selfie at the gates of heaven"

  2. Imagine paying a $30 months fee only get banned right at the start recreating a battlefield scenario or some raunchy character

  3. How did you get almost a full shot? She's beautiful btw well done! for such a simple prompt it really went all out.

  4. This absolutely blew my mind, I was not prepared for it.

  5. Why is it so wholesome tho, even if two different species they could easily be besties

  6. which is waaay too low. i'd rather have the option to pay for more.

  7. give midjourney a shot if you sign for the beta you get plenty & decent results you can then pay for unlimited usage.

  8. already have it, maxed out my "unlimited" prompts 😅

  9. woah really? im pushing myself to do a ton and haven't gotten to that stage yet

  10. She doesn't happen to live in Lucan & go by the name Julie? She sounds exactly like someone i dated & trust me bro that was pure negativity and so very toxic no matter what you'd say or do you'd never be right always the person to blame, my tip just be out straight make a fb status explaining this and whoever doesn't believe it fk em those who truly know you will stick with you and support you throughout this. Definitely go to the gardai if it goes on further i believe it's defamation.

  11. Most of us are still on the waiting list since it was announced

  12. zooey is a real life celebrity, i think characters are not allowed be irl people.

  13. Those who've gotten access are the generations unlimited? or do you have a pay wall for unlimited generations?

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