1. Played the first DS on 08 when I was 10, loved the series ever since.

  2. It was a remnant of cut content. In the voice actors notes, it says,

  3. My guess is, you maybe would have had the choice to fully upload Kellog's personality to Nick after killing him and retrieving his synth parts. Maybe a moral choice of overwriting Nick's. Cool concept anyway, wish it was expanded on.

  4. Number one take away for me from it was that the last panel seems to show Casca in a way that she’s like Guts’s sword in his mind, where previously, Casca said when initially joining the band of the hawk she wanted to be Griffith’s sword. Shows he began to care about something else other than killing and his physical sword, and goes on to show Casca found the one she truly wanted to be with and fight for. To Casca she started to imagine her own dreams and future with Guts instead of fighting for someone else’s (Griffith’s). When Griffith finally sees this, “betrayal” from Guts and Casca after they rescue him, he despises them both. Just me though.

  5. This hits so hard after reading the latest chapters, damnnnn

  6. Always loved the Rig healing sound effect and flatline

  7. You would become a legend amongst the small folk and nobility and get some songs written about you. Since you killed your executioner, you will probably face an even worse death or promptly stabbed under the command of Cercei by the nearest Kingsguard. If you get reallyyyy lucky, you'll get sent to the Wall (very unlikely).

  8. I better here the metal door creak sound from RE7 or I'm refunding

  9. Go for the headshot, roundhouse and knife on the ground till dead combo as much as possible. The starting handgun is also great for professional for its critical hit ability

  10. You aren't surviving a fight with any of these realistically

  11. You can do it, just aim for the limbs and use stasis when overwhelmed :)

  12. Normal mode + sprinting everywhere will do that man, lmao. Best to okay on Zealot, slow down and take in the art style and atmosphere.

  13. Dead Space: Should always be played on Hard/Impossible mode for the best experience imo.

  14. Human enemies weren't a giant problem for me, the story wasn't great but not the worst thing ever either, but the one thing DS3 did very badly was the gameplay.

  15. The lack of stagger in 3 is easily my least favourite thing about it on top of a long list. It looks like the DS Remake could use more stagger too :/

  16. I don't think the Ubermorph is as unknown and odd as people make it out to be. It literally just looks like a smaller version of the Hive Mind from DS1, so it should be pretty obvious what it's meant to be.

  17. I've always liked the theory that the Ubermorph was a necromorph turned Stross. The Red Marker codes in his brain combined with the Titan Station Marker resulted in the unique transformation.

  18. The writers cash in on Edgerunner's success and Ciri teleports to Night City. Its a Cyberpunk show now.

  19. Always cunts around, man. You did well saying anything at all ✌

  20. I agree with pretty much everything you said. If DS3 was to be remade, I think the story needs a serious rewrite.

  21. As someone who just finished the anime and picked up volume 1 of the manga yesterday, I can say it did in fact set the tone for guts newfound hatred.

  22. That line is so hilarious. I love that Berserk opens with that scene

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