1. That gas tax increase is going to affect the cost of everything, not to mention hitting the low and middle class the most.

  2. It's not the fact that they live in a camp, it's the fact that they're surrounded by stolen vehicles that gives away their disregard for others lives. The fact that they steal, loot, and plunder to feed their addiction yet here you are saying, oh come on they care about life.

  3. And because the lower Duwamish river is a EPA Superfund site that the State and Federal Government have spent billions of dollars trying to cleaning up.

  4. I’m not good in morning traffic, and I’ve got all the air I could want. I don’t think I’d enjoy this.

  5. Well, tell your friend that they may need to carry extra magazine or two. Here is what the backup looks like:

  6. This is surreal. When did Everest become a ride at Disney?

  7. The book "Into Thin Air" is a great first hand account on the 1997 Mt Everest tragedy and was the first time I learned what was happening on Mt Everest. Basically, Summiting Mt Everest has moved from a mountaineering experience to a "bragging" rights experience. There are companies that charge big bank to customers to give them a shot at Summiting.

  8. Not everyone is eating lots of salt regularly. Some people genuinely need more salt, just not most people.

  9. I worked in Iraq, 120F degree days were not uncommon. We could not get enough salt, salt on everything. Sweated it out as fast as we consumed it. But it was a dry heat.

  10. When it became clear that 90% of the cases were among homosexuals and 50% of said homosexuals also had HIV/AIDS, it was doomed to be the boogeyman they wanted it to be.

  11. When our city's health department started giving out Monkey Pox vaccine, one of the requirements was 10 OR MORE sex partners in the past 90 days. Enough said.

  12. Can't have too much hate for an alligator, they have brain the size of a walnut and are just doing what they have done for, well, a long time.

  13. lol, spent several months outside of the fence, and cannot handle a single scenario that isn't controlled.

  14. Thanks, I picked up on that also. A couple of months outside the fence? Jeeze, the dog is going to die of old age (or mauling someone) before it can be inside the fence?

  15. When was that? I know IEDs were common in Iraq and Afghanistan, but last time we had a conflict with Iran it was the 80s and we sided with and supported Saddam Hussein. Also, the internet didn't exist--how do you know people didn't protest?

  16. Lots going on in the Middle East at that time, Iran Iraq war and Russian invasion of Afghanistan. I believe at that time Iraq had the 3rd largest army in the world, with the Soviet's supplying more and more resources to Iraq as the war

  17. I'd be willing to "agree" with them that Chihuahuas are little POS that can attack your ankle, at which point you kick them across the room. Break skin? Doubt it. Then go watch the Pibbles attack were people try to kick them off and just get attacked from another angle.

  18. They should, we put a lot of effort into our CIA coups and coloured revolutions. Won't they remember the last one?!

  19. If they wanted Women to have a choice about wearing hijabs, they should have kept the Shah in power. Women had much more freedom under his rule.

  20. Let me get this straight, you want us to shut up on one hand and hold a protest on the other hand? Which hand do you want me to clap with?

  21. As a member of the Русский community, after careful consideration, we have unfortunately decided to decline it’s admission. Maybe we shall offer it to our brothers in Ukraine (слава 🇺🇦)

  22. Dam it, we got yo get this figured out crew. How about a roshambo octagon cage match between The Supreme Leader of Iran and Kim Jong-un with Joe Rogan as referee. Best 2 out of 3, loser takes her. If Iran gets her, she can be the calendar model for the 12 months of hijab free living in Iran. If North Korea gets her, well hell I have no idea what they would do with her but, Ireland, Netherland, Scotland, Italy, Mother Russia and Ukraine would be free of her.

  23. Here's an interview both the comedian and the woman did with the local news.

  24. Thanks, the comments in the Youtube video are great.

  25. They’re under attack by a streamer I won’t name, reporting everything.

  26. I just updated to 22H2 last night, and when I went to Windows Update I found a message that said “Windows Update is committed to helping reduce carbon emissions.” and an option to learn more. I clicked Learn more and it brought me to this page.

  27. Thank you, this crap reinforces me loading Linux on any computer that comes through the door. I'm sorry MS treats you like that.

  28. I dual booted Ubuntu on the side of Windows on one of my older laptops. It’s much better in many ways.

  29. I hear you. I used to set up for dual boot and then realized I hardly every booted into Windows. Or, when I did boot into Windows I got the 'Windows Update 90% done, don't power off' message. My life was so much better after I went straight Linux.

  30. How about let people at least vote about this type of shit? 50 million in taxpayers funds shouldn’t just get used on a whim.

  31. They are experts at playing this game. They used to always put the Medic 1 funding on the ballot knowing everyone would vote yes on it while they funded their pet projects that they thought may not pass if put on the ballot.

  32. Guessing most Progressives voted for Lorena Gonzalez. And NTK.

  33. Love how they mention she’s a libra in her bio lol

  34. yawn as well.. our house is all electric and our main car is an EV, so no energy fluctuations for us! our electric investment is paying back faster and faster suckers! :P

  35. Are you at all concerned about what will happen to electric prices if they decide to remove the Snake river dams? That's around 3,000 MW with no plans on replacing in the short term.

  36. Oil prices are indeed falling, which is where his policy came in.

  37. My tire guy has one of those huge beasty oil burner heaters in the “way back” garage. He takes my oil for free.

  38. When I first started doing oil changes we would dump the old oil on our gravel alley to keep the dust down. And my Grandfather worked at the shipyards and would brings us roles of asbestos to play with.

  39. Yeah tbh I’ve done work on my car but don’t see much of a benefit to oil changes. I’m lucky enough to walk to a great local shop, that does it for what seams like just the cost of the filter plus oil.

  40. I also used to do my own oil changes, to much hassle to get rid of used oil any more.

  41. Which just leads back to qui bono- does the saboteur want the pipelines ruined for good, or do they want them out of commission for now, but easily repairable as soon as the war is over?

  42. Is that really a "easily repairable" fix? Seems like some pretty specialized equipment and crews would need to be brought together to start working on the repair. Have there been other pipeline breaks like this that have been repaired?

  43. I meant "easily repairable" in the context of billion-euro infrastructure projects. If bombs were used to break the pipeline, as seems to be the case, then only relatively short segments need to be removed and replaced. It'll cost millions and require the use of sophisticated ROVs, but I'm sure that kind of repair was part of the original planning- not that they anticipated sabotage necessarily, but just the expectation that small segments could be damaged at any point from ships dragging anchors and that sort of unfortunate event.

  44. The only thing I know about undersea pipelines are some Youtube videos of pipelines being laid in the north sea. It was a continuous operation of welding pipe, wrapping them in protective coating and laying them in trenches dug out by a trenching machine.

  45. Can it be mounted on a Toyota 4runner? Thats my question.

  46. /r /shittytechnicals is over in that direction =>>

  47. Well, it was fun while it lasted folks. I think I'm going to miss Wendy's and Videogames the most. However, I am looking forward to my first time building a wood gasifier to power a 60's model car. I'm also super thankful we stocked up on Emergency Food. How are all of you planning on surviving the Nuclear Winter?

  48. I'd like to take my retirement option of going out in the first big blast (my first plan of having asteroid take out the human race has not panned out). Don't give me that radiation sickness slow death option, has to be the worst way to go.

  49. They gave you fentanyl for a broken rib geez

  50. Well, to be honest, there was a bit more collateral damage than just a broken rib. Gravity has no mercy.

  51. As a means of last resort in cases of severe pain or on your deathbed cancer ridden. You can't just go to your doctor and get it prescribed because you want to use it recreationally.

  52. I broke a rib a couple months ago and they gave me a dose of fentanyl in the ER. I never felt the need to hit the streets looking for follow up dose (and broken ribs hurt like he!! for awhile).

  53. This is the WaPo which has paywall, so most people only will see the headline anyway.

  54. You mean the same WaPo that continues to employee the queen of all doxers Taylor Lorenz? Color me shocked.

  55. Operation Sealion (German: Unternehmen Seelöwe), was Nazi Germany's code name for the plan for an invasion of the United Kingdom during the Battle of Britain in the Second World War. As a precondition, Hitler specified the achievement of both air and naval superiority over the English Channel and the proposed landing sites, but the German forces did not achieve either at any point during the war, and both the German High Command and Hitler himself had serious doubts about the prospects for success.

  56. I have often wondered what would have happened if Operation Sealion had gone forward.

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