AMC Megathread for March 16, 2021

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  1. !thanks I'll stick with Plum this year.

  2. Lots of people come from countries where they don’t automatically trust the government. Brits do as they are told, and not everyone who lives in the uk is British. I’ve got about 12% of my workforce (I run recruitment for a group of care homes) that are refusing to get the jab. That also includes a few nurses. all are brilliant staff, but I understand it’s a cultural thing. I understand If you grew up under Ceausescu, that you might think differently… but the law is the law. They are now effectively being fired… shame, as we are now at critically low staffing levels…

  3. Mentioning Ceausescu is so random in your comment. Can't see any link between him and people refusing to get the vaccine.

  4. I am confused as to why he is asking for your insurance details. I am not sure if you can use the voicemail as evidence, it is great if you can. The message will expire, so make sure you get the message header information (which will have his phone number) and his voice.

  5. Just searched for cycling courses and it seems there are few here in London.

  6. YouTube has a lot of good stuff. There's an MIT course that was taught by Gensler that moves slowly enough for me to understand on the basics. And I like the coin bureau channel.

  7. Thanks! I'll check them out. Anything on how to choose a wallet - no idea, but are there any official accreditations/certifications for a wallet to be considered trustworthy?

  8. Google 'coin bureau wallet' and you'll get like five twenty minute videos. There's no official guarantees, but there are a couple companies you can trust more than all the others. That guy Guy will cover all this.

  9. Greetings apes! I've lost the GME train, but I am with you on AMC. Bought yesterday 20 and planning to buy 20 more today.

  10. Yeah, I still think unpivoting is the right choice here

  11. Sorry for the delay. I am not sure unpivot it'a good way to make it. The data set has around 200k rows and 50 columns..

  12. So what? 10M rows? It's not a big deal for PBI, especially since the Attribute will have 50 unique values (low cardinality) and the Value is a number (not sure about the cardinality, but since it's a number, it's not that important). I wouldn't be surprised if the file was only ~100MB, or something like that.

  13. :) I'll try it. Am really curious now how it will work. The file is less than 20mb, and data is mostly 0/1. It's a questionaire.

  14. Not sure if god level, but here are some good resources:

  15. I really don't get what you are trying to do but N#A error is because of an inconsistency. You are looking for a value in Criteria_Range2 (a 11 x 1 range) but when inputing the column in the index function you are using a value different than 1.

  16. Really appreciate your answers! sorry if I was not clear.

  17. Are you building a function or a sub?

  18. I also edited the post with more details! thanks

  19. What exactly are you trying to plot? It is not obvious to me.

  20. The data set includes what area of courses were taught in each year and how many/area. I want to plot how many courses were taught over the years, 1900 to 2011 with an stacked area chart: Y axis = no. of courses per year (sum of all courses from all areas), X = years (time series), area = no. of courses in each year with different colors for each Area (of study) . I hope it's clear now. Thanks!

  21. Explica-mi mecanismul prin care iei coronavirus iesind cu bicicleta sau la gratar in padure.

  22. Iesind cu bicicleta in parc sau la gratar in padure doar incurajezi acest comportament. Iar cei care studiaza acest virus recomanda sa nu facem asta. Nu este despre cum iei virusul la gratar. Cel mai probabil, daca nu esti complet idiot, nu il vei lua. Cum nu il vei lua nici daca te plimbi prin oras. Nu toata lumea este suficient de rasarita. Cand te vad pe tine la gratar, vor prinde curaj si altii. Ca oameni...

  23. Tomorrow I am thinking to do groceries. Going out or ordering via delivery app. And I also thought it could be nice to ask my neighbors (an elderly couple) if they need anything. What safety measurements, for them, should I take into consideration?

  24. Oh. I get it now. So my neighbour from the 6th floor is an archaeologist.

  25. Call to action. Guests suchs as Rory Shuterland, Bob Hoffman, Richard Shatton or Tom Goodwin.

  26. Just finished Alchemy by Rory Shuterland. Totally recommend it. And also you can check his videos on youtube too.

  27. Rightttt.I grew up in stone mountain so same here. I work downtown in O4W. PLEASE note, don't ever hangout at the corner of N.Ave/Boulevard & Boulevard/Ponce. There are a few threads on here where we're discussing gunshots in, around, or near these intersection(s).

  28. As others have already said, you might hear one on rare occasion but only late at night and/or near places you'd likely avoid anyway.

  29. Thanks! I am moving together with my wife and we already have jobs in Atlanta. I think the transition will be ok. The only concern I have at this point is regarding renting an apartment, because we have 0 credit history. Maybe a letter from the company will help, don't know exactly how it works. Any tips&tricks are welcomed :)

  30. I work on Peachtree st. Its a long road (if its the one I'm thinking).

  31. It's Peachtree St. NE, close to MARTA Midtown. After reading all the comments, I am sure we'll search for a flat in Midtown. And I also think that the right side of Piedmont Park could be an option, between Morningside Lenox and Virginia Highland.

  32. It’s sort of a running joke in Atlanta that we have a lot of streets named Peachtree, so you may want to be more specific on location. I am guessing it’s Midtown or Buckhead area, though.

  33. I remember reading about the joke :) Yup, that's what I thought. A 6 months lease will give us enough time to find our way.

  34. Marketing week. And follow Mark Ritson

  35. I'm doing the Mini-MBA at the moment, it's not free (far from it!) but would highly recommend

  36. Nice! I'm also enrolled to this session :) Do you like it so far?

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