1. is it just me or has ODs casting become kinda... stale?

  2. Agreed. Though I really want to see him cast with Blitz or Synd again

  3. Is there a way to join random boss fight groups? Or do you have to have a room code?

  4. You can join random rooms by clicking on the bell at the top left next to the stamina bar when it lights up

  5. Is 3/9 on Daimon noticable to the point where it is worth spending a red card from 2/9? I'm in chapter 29 and he is level 240 (rest are a mix of 240 and 220) in full t2 gear, 20signature item. Is it big enough of a gain? I want to push to chapter 30 and I wonder if this will help coz atm its a struggle to get through the second stage already.

  6. If you've got any other heroes on your wishlist that have a top tier 9/9 then it might be better to wait but I would just use it now because he's one of your main carry, it's a really good furniture to have and leave at 3/9. Plus you won't get any duplicate furniture before 9/9 with the upcoming update

  7. Amazing, I definitely prefer this over the style of the upcoming diamond and pearl remakes

  8. I just stopped playing Dragon Quest XI at some point in act 3/post game because of the story. It made a lot of the character development in act 2 pointless

  9. So so sad I literally just decided last night that I was gonna get a 3070 and I just missed it :( any idea how much they'll be restocking over the coming weeks?

  10. I can't find any official source but the last time they had it in-stock was Wednesday last week so they might have them again next week. You can still subscribe to a notification service that will let you know when they're in stock, I used

  11. And there gone, 10 minutes beetween in stock and gone acording to Distill

  12. Yeah, they also had the 3080 on but seemed to have gone instantly

  13. Normalize contains more browser-specific fixes and doesn't really reset styles, like the ul tag still has list-styles and other elements still have margins and padding. Resets usually clear all default styling though this one is slightly more opinionated and has some useful defaults (I like the class attribute checks!). There's more details at

  14. Driver is three Labrador retrievers in a trench coat and they thought they saw a cat.

  15. We had one of our sites do something similar - try checking your plugins folder and make sure the folders in there are definitely legit.

  16. It fixed the black bar on the pixel 2 so you don't have to change the display to max size every time. It just doesn't go full screen for me

  17. Runescape was done in java and their in house scripting language runescript. I think a lot of RS3 was redone in html5 or something though.

  18. They scratched the html5 client in place of their 'NXT' client which is written in C++ and completely blows the old Java client away.

  19. I want to learn Laravel, what resources are you using to learn it? If you don’t mind me asking.

  20. Can't remember my first Dota 2 game, but I remember a not so pleasant experience playing venomancer after hearing the craze for Dota 1. So I joined my classmates for a game and boy, did I get flamed the shit out of. That was in the Philippines so I had the SEA experience from the getgo

  21. I really want to buy a laptop that can run Overwatch, I'm sort of tired of Dota right now.

  22. There was an update today that fixed the problem for me and a few others

  23. Swapped with 97Q again: 190m EOC -> 27.9m OSRS. Thanks again!

  24. Swapped 150m EOC to 21.4m oldschool with 97Q - Thanks Again!

  25. 100m eoc => 14.2m osrs with 97Q - Thanks!

  26. Swapped 17.5m 07 to 87.5m RS3. Thanks very much! EDIT: with WDQ

  27. Nice idea. But perhaps invert the filter? If the player hasn't put the item in, have it faded out.

  28. Dazzle, Disruptor, Shadow Fiend

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