1. My razer installer not starting, it stucks at green windows with 3 waving dots on window 11.

  2. I used both the strider and hien mid. I think the strider is better because the texture is consistent in the X and Y axis while hien is noticeably rougher in the Y axis. Also the strider seems more durable to me since the middle of the pad still feels the same as the edges even after 7 months. Both pads are more durable than most others though. Other than that they're very similar.

  3. Is there any fix to the battery drain, its been happened since ios 16.2.1 and now 16.3

  4. I have the same tablet with the same specs as you. I absolutely agree with you regarding how good it is. A brilliant device. Quick, beautiful display, and overall very versatile despite its size. I really do not understand OP's post. Happy to be disagreed with, but many of the points made seem moot to me

  5. Is that really a tablet? Or… a tabtop🤣🤣

  6. T bị r, lựa ngay quán đối diện đồn ca đánh xong bị túm, mấy đứa nhìn nhau hài vl. Lên đồn đưa tiền phạt r về thôi

  7. Có bị tịch thu điện thoại đồ kh bác

  8. I’ve exchanged 2 tab s8 but the issue persists. Perhaps one ui 5 is the cause?

  9. I agree with you. Here a long story about how it affected me and how started my porn free journey

  10. Seeing a ton of negative so dropping my two cents - Bought the ZF2, cracked it & Asurion (Care+) ended up paying out the full original purchase price because we were on the cusp of the ZF3 drop & there was nothing of any model stocked.

  11. Could you explain more how care+ upgrade your phone

  12. He said Origin. I think he wants to know the story of the picture.

  13. Seems to me that the spen remembers the settings I’ve used S8+ and switched to s8 due to the weight and I notice the same issue, the answer to the problem is the default settings in the samsung note apps, you need to readjust it

  14. Avoid, the screen looks too pink. This can happen to older OLED screens and will be more than the phones value to replace.

  15. Sometimes the screen can be seen pink due to the material in the oled and loghts condition, it happens to all samsung flagship phones

  16. I had the same issue. A hard reboot fixed the issue with the phone.

  17. It would save battery if you use resources demanding tasks like playing games, and probably it will increase the standby time as well. Other than that, not much

  18. Outside of the obvious panel difference, I thought I'd just point out that the S8 have slightly better battery life and the screen size difference may not be an obvious deal breaker up front, could likely affect your experience as time pass

  19. There is a difference in quality, but whether it's worth the $200 depends on individual. Some people are "OLED or bust", but others are more tolerant. The OLED screen looks better so it's great for media consumption (especially if you're using it in dark environments), but depending on your use case, it may not necessarily be worth it. The LCD screen of the S8 is a good screen in its own right, though you have to decide if it's good enough for you.

  20. Is the difference drastical? I mean I’ve seen some people say the lcd on the s8 is really good.

  21. Congrats I have the ultra and its been used daily over my laptop. Just bought the regular s8 too as it was on crazy sale for back friday 500 euros -200 euros for any trade in device basically 300 and samsung even threw in a protective cover and screen protector.

  22. Whats your opinion about the differences in terms of sizes and panels?

  23. You should go for amfilm, spigen. Choose the cheapest, they are similiar in terms of screen protector of the brands.

  24. The experience will be the best with an iPad. Your needs can be met with the most basic of iPads, however the newest 10th gen iPad isn’t worth the money. My recommendation would be either the 9th gen iPad or an iPad Air 4, both are 1 model behind but they’re still great. The Air 4 has a full-screen design and is very nice for watching videos and playing games. Pro models are overkill if you’re not creating/editing with your iPad. My recommendation for great display, performance and bang for your buck would be an Air 4

  25. Now I’m considering the ipad Mini 6, is it good mate?

  26. I’d probably get the M2 depending on what condition it’s in. Are they both Wi-Fi and cellular?

  27. No it is just 128Gb and wifi, since Ipad m2 only released a month more, I think it is nearly as new

  28. I use google photos to back up, its literally betters

  29. 23 months with Fold 2 (launch unit). Other than replacing the inner screen protector with an Orzero (due to bubbling at the crease), it has been bulletproof. Thinking about the F4, but may not because the F2 remains strong for me.

  30. I've had my Fold 3 for almost a year, shouldn't be an issue lasting for another year or two. Only issue so far was the inner screen protector but had Samsung install a new screen protector.

  31. I have no idea why people downvoted OP’s. It is truly I did not experience this, this is fake.

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