1. Yep, lots of talk about in the Yankees sub the day it was announced. I'm waiting to see how much its going to cost. I have a feeling it won't be as cheap as people expect, but it sounds like a step in the right direction. Also, key point is its if your in the local market only I believe.

  2. Can we name and shame the poster of said hate content or is that against ToS? Sometimes free speech is about the consequences that one faces for being such a hateful person.

  3. I mean you can set whatever name you want as the owner though the front-end/contract, so don't take that as truth.

  4. Makes sense, thanks for explaining as I have not taken the time to look into how it all works.

  5. Gotta be able to pick through and find what you need. I've been here for a while, before moons even and things evolve, if you don't figure out how to evolve with them you get left behind. I really don't see moons as being a problem, there is a ton of garbage posted on every popular sub on reddit.

  6. No. The stock market doesn't matter. Adoption will come with a user experience that even grandparents can use, and when the use cases don't even require you to understand what crypto is.

  7. I understand. Not all* old people truly understand stocks, yet they still invest it it, directly or not. So a lot of capital still goes there. Which is why I said when the capital is redirected towards crypto, instead of the stock market, is when true adoption will be here.

  8. My God....why are large corporations using applications built for mum and dad businesses?

  9. Honestly I can not bring it over myself to watch a video with a thumbnail like that.

  10. 100% agree. Wish people would stop, its SO damn pathetic looking.

  11. I know everyone here hates regulations but we really do need some for cases like this

  12. Well, Ponzis are already illegal, so ....but yeah there needs to be something done.

  13. Agreed. The things that Celsius and FTX did arent some nuanced crypto finance hack, they were straight up fraud that regulators never took an interest in until it was too late

  14. Yep. People act like "this is so bad for crypto!" but the real story is "this is SO bad for our regulatory agencies"

  15. So many better projects out there, this is just a live/die by the hype shitcoin.

  16. Deflection I guess? Thats a good indication of what I was saying.

  17. The Judge needs to restrict their passports so they can not travel outside USA

  18. Can the Yankees ever really exceed expectations? I thought y'all just expect them to win the WS every year.

  19. They started last season on a pace to have one of the best records ever. Then they fell apart in the post season.

  20. Yankees were both last season, and I think they can do it again.

  21. There’s hope we can finally stop with the VPN’s!

  22. That literally cannot be accurate. A local cable plan costs <$50 a month and includes DOZENS of local cables including other RSNs. YES is getting a factor of 10 less money from the cablecos than you're imagining.

  23. FIOS is a premium provider. Fortunately they're not granted a monopoly anywhere they operate, and copper cable service is cheaper than fiber-optic.

  24. I dont get spectrum in my area. We get Xfinity. $60/mo PLUS $10.85 for access to regional sports networks.

  25. For those of you that don’t know (probably most of the non-Guardians fans), John Adams was the drummer that sat in the bleachers just about every single day from August of 1973 until pretty recently when his health took a turn. He was an icon and that drum is burned into the memory of every Cleveland fan and of every big moment in our history since he started. Everybody knows where he sat. Everybody knew who he was. He has a Great Lakes beer named after him that they sell at the park.

  26. I think the same thing as when I see the Chiefs..."Now I want McDonalds"

  27. I hate post Malone but would 100% rather have this than any altuve card

  28. Classic Paulie. They play it now and then on the Yes Network every now and then when he's on and his commentary is always so funny about it. He's obviously a little embarrassed but also just kind of like "whatever, it happened"

  29. Ahhhhh I see, ok, you've changed my opinion on secret, if that's how it works then fine. Thanks, it's not often an argument on cc turns actually informative

  30. Sorry if I came off strong, but I get annoyed because conversations about secret usually take two paths that you see in this thread. It's always jokes about the name or people who just assume it's meant for illegal activities. It's got some really great and legitimate use cases in my opinion, but the news about what's in the op is definitely concerning for reasons not related to the hopeful use cases.

  31. Aww man, no tipping necessary, keep your moons, they really are one thing I believe in whole heartedly, such a strong community. Good luck bro, I'll be keeping an eye on secret, hope it does well

  32. Cheers to you as well. Love the whole Cosmos network, especially Atom, Osmond, and SCRT, obviously. 🤣

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