1. That last picture, I just recently saw that episode and there were so many good expressions. All the stoned conversation with Bailey on the couch was precious

  2. Probably minority view, but I love her and I love Debbie Allen! However, I also get exactly what you're saying.

  3. Nooo definitely not! Hahaha I definitely see how there’s something wrong 100%, I meant there was something I liked about them maybe their chemistry they had!?

  4. maybe it doesn’t seem as weird since the actors are closer in age so it looks like they could actually be a couple, but definitely a storyline that should’ve ended or never happened :,)

  5. me too! definitely one of my favs, i feel like a lot of the hate she gets is from people who haven’t watched private practice. it’s harder to understand her without watching it

  6. Omg omg omg Spencer / Alex / troiAn in that pink dress is literally making me drool over her!! She is so pretty and it’s such a gorgeous color <3 also when she is reaching into the bowl, is this candy? :P ugh so pretty <3

  7. yes troian looks gorg!! & jelly beans! you can find the video on youtube pll cast on Rachael Ray Show

  8. I personally think Hannah should have been apart of the A team. I think one of the best aspects of the show was the dynamics that occur within tween/teen girl groups friendships. Hannah was arguably bullied the most by Allison so it my mind it puts her in the best position to join her new friend Mona as A to get revenge on her to called “friends”. I think the show started to focus less on the vicious hierarchies within friend groups and that’s went it start lost it’s magic

  9. yess hannah would definitely have more reason to be apart of the A team than aria

  10. i see so much amelia hate and i agree she has had her moments but i love her! caterina scorsone is an amazing actress

  11. for me it was mona being revealed as A, it was sooo shocking especially having been watching it as it was coming out and nobody knew anything!

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