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  1. There are more of these kinds of plates floating around Indiana. This past October, a friend PM'd me a pic of a "SLR MOON" plate; the month before that, I spotted an "ISEKAI" plate in the wild.

  2. Lol, fair enough. I saw the characters on the stickers, and assumed it more likely.

  3. I'm a big camping fan so naturally, Yurucamp gets windshield space <3

  4. OP likes Pokemon but wants to act like all the other anime is a cardinal sin.

  5. Customization that gives ships a more in depth feel and look, like changing the inner hull color, mast material, materials in general, lamp styles, and just more that makes the ship feel unique.

  6. I remember when people started seeing the crests on ships in game and theorized being able to name your ship and stylize a crest and stuff and I thought that would just be so amazing. Your ship, as it is now, is a fairly disposable thing. Adding personalization to it will make it feel a bit more apart of you.

  7. This may be a certified hot-take that's gunna get downvoted into the Ferry of the Damned, or I may get some who see it the way I do.

  8. This worked! Was able to get the panel off enough to reach my hand up and pop the window to fully remove the panel. Now I can start figuring out what's actually wrong in here. Cheers!

  9. Sweet, I'll have to give this a try. I'll have to do this mod just incase this ever pops up again in the future.

  10. Vinland saga was one of the most slept on shows in recent memory.

  11. I dont know what brand or cable that is but it's not necessary to use. You can get a way better battery pack than that at this point in time, I would assume it's quite a few years old at this point

  12. Yeah, I just wanted to keep the old factory goodies functional and stuff. It's not necessary at all, back in 2009 USB chargers weren't super common so this was like a neat thing they did. Today, its a solution to a problem that just doesn't exist.

  13. Oh god no. I don't think the company has even existed for a long time

  14. I've heard that the interior of Crypts and Burial Chambers are actually above the skybox. Where you able to see any thing like that?

  15. Yeah I couldn't see any of that. Just clouds and the curvature of the world haha

  16. We were so high up that we were actually above the clouds so we wouldn't have been able to see anything anyway.

  17. Easiest is to get a drill and drill it out. The piece will break apart when you go in a couple times with a small drill bit

  18. This happened to me yesterday with a friend as we were hauling a silver cart down the mountain. As soon as we got to the bottom about 50 wolves came at us during the Hunt. I've never had an event happen when I'm not at base so it was super fun

  19. Back closer to release when the homies still played we did stuff like this, of course loot wasn't worth as much. Now none of them play and I'm stuck solo tucking on ships for entertainment Q.Q

  20. My server is getting WRECKED right now, every NPC in SW is a lightning rod and its starting to lag. I've got people in AQ40 getting the buff, KT got buffed, it's going crazy.

  21. I've had 5 attack my base and most a couple walls... How did you take so much damage?

  22. I’ve even got a moat with a small walkway over it. They appeared on the walkway destroyed the wall and came right in. I tried to lure them away but only one followed. The rest went straight for the house.

  23. Mouse 1 is bound to block and draw lol. Rebind m2 to block and it'll work. Look at the bottom right of your pic.

  24. If you're in a resource rich area this thing is normal. If you're going to build a compound or utilize high walls it's always a good idea to have external tc pylons. Takes almost no resources to setup and will save you this headache.

  25. 17 days into my diet and this has me dangerously close to derailing.

  26. This wasn't it. I'll try and upload it and post back later.

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