1. I'm so famous that when I ask people to not recognise me, they comply!!

  2. Yeah. Totally valid. If they make u feel like that now, will only get worse

  3. Best to go to your own insurance company and let them handle it. They will surrogate against Coles. Shouldn’t cost you an excess as you have the details of the 3rd party.

  4. Was the Mrs. of a visiting head of government (not head of state). Motorcade has been slicing through the city last couple of days.

  5. So don't know about the US, but un Oz, it's not unusual to have a copy of a DL for proof you are licensed to drive but also as ID. Passport would probs be as proof if citizenship// right to work.

  6. It's the Australian version of the British 'chav', if that helps

  7. Having the overwhelming urge to shout about their emotions and provide a running commentary on the minutest detail of everything they see...

  8. The title of this post. Grammatically incorrect - the title should read ‘What are some behaviours that scream unintelligent’.

  9. It's mostly all you can eat oysters and prawns. So not full of every kind of seafood fyi. Roasts as well. Sometimes fish puff pastries things I think.

  10. That restaurant is only open at night now. Though if it's a weekend thing, I only stay there week days.

  11. Hit and miss. Sometimes they do sometimes they don't. Be prepared for them to weigh it.

  12. Nothing says 'career limiting' like a swastika face tattoo...

  13. I’m just going to throw this out there as a gentle reminder that ‘you’re’, not ‘your’ is the abbreviated version ‘you are’.

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