1. Mine spends half the day lounging on the top, Back of the couch. That’s his favorite spot!

  2. I can’t today. To read she only got 20 Years is so disheartening—-she participated in the abuse!!!!! Row vs. wade, the abortion jail times, The prayer In schools…the US is so fucked. The value is placed on the WRONG things. She should never leave jail. She should have to give all Her money to the victims. I know I went off topic but I am so angry this week.

  3. Maybe someone else was out there and decided to go through your car to steal stuff and heard you coming back and did t close the door.

  4. Hey there. Hang in there. I know life looks bleak right now but it ebbs and flows. If you had diabetes or cancer or a thyroid disease would be balk at taking meds to regulate that? I too, got so sick of meds. Been on them for years, especially after I got sober. I had to try different combos u til I found something that works. I’m in my late 40’s and finally found a therapist that deals with TRAUMA. We don’t discuss the trauma we discuss the disregulation of my brain when I’m triggerd and how to come back to a baseline and it’s helping!! A lot. I take a low dose of meds for both the symptoms of adhd (life changer—-I HATE that I avoided those meds until I was like 44!!!!!!) and depression. I lived in suicidal ideation for years. Sometimes it pops up again but I just know it WILL pass because I am medicated and working with a therapist.

  5. I don’t know if they are innocent or guilty but this here really does sum things up about this testing. The last thing Damian wants is to fade into oblivion.

  6. Most people don’t know how easy it is to find their info. I got very protective of my privacy a couple years ago after realizing how much stuff I posted publicly as a teen. I was diligent with scrubbing my info from the internet and unlinking all my socials from search engines. I google my name every so often to make sure nothing comes up now. I recently had to request realpeoplesearch to delete my number and address and thankfully they did

  7. Oh. This is good info. I didn’t know any of this was an option or have any idea how to do this. I’m going to have to do some research.

  8. Google now allows you to send them links of pages with their personal info and they will remove them from their search engine for free

  9. Nice family activity! Wish I could get mine away from their tablets and Iphones.

  10. Right? Mine have no interst to go into the woods and dig in the dirt. What’s wrong with them? Haha

  11. I got attacked by an owl and crow one day (I volunteered at a bird sanctuary) and I was showing my son how the crow pecked my temple so hard I was bleeding. He mumbles “witch” and takes my picture. He then informs me he told his table mates (they were reading a story and he was one of the witch characters), that his mom is a witch. I said it’s not like I’m doing spells. He starts yelling (laughing yelling), you wrote things on paper and burn them and had us do it too! You meet with a group of women under the full moon every month! You have bones and crystals and feathers and oil. You’re totally a witch. Ok then. I spent the rest of the evening waiting for the men with torches and bibles to arrive.

  12. Maybe I should turn him into a newt so he stops telling all his friends that his mom is a witch. He loves it though. When they were younger they were into doing different little rituals with me. We did a drumming meditation and they found their spirit animals, we would released wishes in the fire under new moons. Go crystal hunting. Now they are teenagers and doing thing their thing. It will be Interesting to see if they come back to it in the future.

  13. The tongue is blue... the tongue is blue... THE GODDAMN TONGUE IS BLUE!!!!

  14. My only issue with that is the fact that I spend every other day working a job with a long commute, so I can't really spend a lot of time doing chores and teaching myself programming on days when I work. I like to use my meds on my off days so I can do that stuff. It just feels like a waste of time to me to take a medication vacation day each week.

  15. I told doc I need an afternoon dose. So two a day. I take only a small dose. I rarely, tske that second dose (I Forget then It gets too late) and when I do I take a 1/2. This helps me never to run out Becuse I’ve been I. The same situation where my pharmacy is out and they don’t know when it will be back in.

  16. It kind of strange to me, it's such an issue for you to wait for a day or two.

  17. If I skip, I’m completely and utterly exhausted that day. Non-functioning. Feel Like a walking zombie. It really affects me.

  18. Pee in the shower (standing directly over the drain).

  19. It’s so refreshing to just pee standing up like that and being immediately Fresh and cleaned after!

  20. I (m) did this when I was an agile teenager. It’s like a catchers squat on the sink counter or sitting while your feet are in the sink and your butt is on the counter space in front of it. I did it for shaving my face or looking closely at acne. I somehow found this preferable to standing and leaning forward toward the mirror. I know it seems incredibly nonsensical and pointless so I was delighted to see that there is literally any other human who’s actually done this.

  21. 47 and still sit on/feet and legs in the sink. Although it’s getting harder to get up and down. Haha

  22. That is so scary! I’m sorry this happened to you and am glad you had your dog. I hope you are doing alright nowadays. Glad this sicko is Locked up now!

  23. I wonder if he had to register in that state? Or if he did. I’m sorry this happened to you and what’s courageous kiddo to tell your family. Good job! A lot of kids don’t tell out of fear. Super proud of you!!!

  24. There is not much funnier than watching your friend fall spectacularly right after they tried to move carefully. Omg, I watched my best friend bite it while trying to walk on cobblestone in high heels 10 years ago and laugh about it to this day.

  25. I had a friend run into a screen when she thought the door was open. This was like 30 years ago when we were youngsters and man, I can bring that Memory up and I still laugh my ass off.

  26. It's not that easy. I honestly get what you're saying but it's not that easy. Everyone is here. My grandparents even came all the way the Italy. How do you just call that off

  27. You have a big ass, family reunion PARTY instead. Explain to everyone that you were givien info about bride that made you realize you. Any marry her. You won’t get your money back probably, at this point. Use the reception time to visit with your family and soak up all the love they give you.

  28. Exactly. That poor kid. Thinking her father is a hero and probably concerned for his safety only to find out he is the actual Monster.

  29. Poor kid! His mom disappears when he was just av year old and now she turns up dead. I hope he doesn't know. That would be too much for a kid.

  30. This just reminded me of a story. I worked, years ago, at an elementary school where a young student was having a really hard time. Her mom was murdered. She was living with her grand parents. They told her that her father left her to go find her mother’s murderer. But in truth, he was in jail for murder of her mother. I can’t imagine what that did to her when she found out the truth, knowing all those people were lying to her.

  31. My friend, would look at me and say “you ready?” Right before opening the door to her house. I’d be stoned and buzzed and just bust out laughing every single time. Over and over again this would happen. And it would never matter because her mom would be already passed out and not evens aware of our arrival let alone how fucked up we were.

  32. Huh. You don’t have your own money he doesn’t know about? Girl

  33. I feel this. I did not safe guard myself once upon a time. Now I will always have a bit placed out of reach, only known to me (and my kids). Although I don’t ever plan to marry again, so there that but I wish every women could read this…always have a side stash. A L W A Y S.

  34. Why though? All those years of hard work wasn’t for a spouse. Parents do this to provide something for the children down the line. They are smart. They understand that things can change quickly and drastically and they want you to be cared for and to have a safety net. I would advise to keep it separate. I hope you and your husband can talk this out. This is not about him. Or how much they do or don’t like him. They spent 18 years of their lives (and probably longer) providing, shedding tears, watching you grow with their hopes and dreams for YOU. They can love your husband over the moon but it’s just not the same kind of love and need to protect and care for your own kiddos!

  35. It’s insane. So many different people involved that all failed this poor child. It’s very sad. I heard about it the first day it broke and before everyone deleted, closed up their social Media accounts. Lots of drug addiction, abusive partners, violence, theft, cps involvement. Just utter chaos.

  36. Oh my word. It says she’s been missing since 2019!!!! This sounds very convoluted.

  37. Yes. Dad had custody (a Man who previously shot someone and went to jail) because mom was hooked on heroin at that time (I believe). Mom couldn’t reach Adam (dad). Had a zoom type call was the last time she saw her daughter.

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