1. "a little hot" lol mine is hot enough to feel pain if I touch the top center of keyboard.

  2. Its never a problem until it is, I woke up one morning to my power being off and was like sweet let me play some steam games for a little bit. nope my steam deck crashed and did a reboot and I couldn't play any game because it had to connect to the internet first to pass its DRM check thing.

  3. I've had all chat and team chat off since release and never really cared to turn it back on. I don't get people who have time to type in chat on a mobile game. I would understand if you had a ipad and keyboard but on a phone?

  4. This upcoming tax season is going to see so many audits on poor and middle class people. I am straight up pissed that they are coming after us instead of the rich who pay zero dollars in any taxes.

  5. Mind selling me one of the new 3ds for my collection.

  6. Paying to have a game translated isn’t blocking and we didn’t block the others. That was a publisher decision. We don’t see many sales lost to an Asian version at the end of the day so it doesn’t bother me.

  7. Hi Doug quick question but when do you think Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 for the switch (non collectors edition) will ship? It's been 6 months I think, first LRG order.

  8. Miyoo Mini community has some amazing devs that work on OnionOs and MiniUI. They also have some of the most talented mod scene I've found for retro handhelds. you can customize this device so much and make it look and play like you want.

  9. Yeah, I feel guilty about the fact that I've never used my Steam deck outside of my apartment, but like..... I live in NYC..... I've been robbed more than once in my life. I barely felt comfortable taking my less than $200 switch on the subway, so no way in hell am I taking my Steam Deck there either.

  10. I feel that, I never felt bad taking my launch day switch out but now that I have a OLED I wouldn't dare use it in public. I feel the same way about the deck but I've been taking it out more on my commutes and breaks during work.

  11. wouldn't trust that to protect my mm. but funny seeing the photos

  12. Wild Pass has been getting more and more grindy.

  13. The game is designed to rank you up the more you play. So even bad players can rank up to masters if they have crazy amount of games played.

  14. How does anyone understand what he’s saying.

  15. If this means I can use twitter in mobile browser without the stupid pop up notifications pop up, I welcome this.

  16. When I open my Nvidia control panel there's only a 3d setting menu. But I just fixed it, thank you anyways :)

  17. How'd you fix it? currently dealing with same issue.

  18. Oh cool. For me it was an option in the chrome app. Hardware acceleration if I remember correctly but I don't have the laptop anymore. Glad you fixed it!

  19. Did you end up returning it for another laptop?

  20. OP copied/pasted a quick reply to multiple people. It didn't go over well.

  21. Ah and here I thought it was just bots

  22. this explains the spam of dms I've gotten from bots these past few days.

  23. And here I am just enjoying the game, interested on how many hours these fans put In before demanding refund.

  24. I think the standard colors look better then one solid color all around, red and yellow look great but the blue and green look off.

  25. When you plug it into the charge do you see a orange ps light ? If you have a ps slim you should see the light turn on.

  26. I usually counter pick Darius with vayne, I am ranged and can counter your all in with my s3. I out scale you and can auto you to death from afar.

  27. This is huge, going to test base m1 air tomorrow. Can’t wait to see how well it runs.

  28. The fact I cant have one charging cable for all my apple devices, I always have to pack a iphone lighting cable, a usb cable and Apple Watch cable. I would love having one usb-c for all of them but who am I kidding.

  29. Happy to see so many restocks before the holidays. Everyone gets to get a miyoo mini this year.

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