Declining Global Sperm Count Could Threaten Humankind Survival

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  1. "Oh! Susanna, don't you cry for me, I'm going to dig up lots of gold, out on the lone prairie.

  2. That was no joke. He stopped for a moment and just told the truth.

  3. A lot of comedians do that, pretty much whenever they're not talking about their personal lives, but people just sit there and laugh and laugh at the funny people.

  4. We just gon ignore avocado and carrots then? Imma just say it, that's worse than corn.

  5. Eternal life is a literal curse.

  6. Yeah, because when everyone you have ever known dies and you are left alone in the vacuum of space when the universe explodes you will think "Wow, I'm sure glad I'm immortal"

  7. I remember one where everyone had quirks and a spirit animal but it turned into a harem sex filled horny fantasy

  8. Do you have a link? It's for research.

  9. Okay, but this would be perfect to crossover with Darksiders, cause there's gonna be a ton of left over shit after the Apocalypse war. Just say that the Four pooled their resources and a few favors together and cast a massive illusion to make mankind forget the events of the games, but the act of thoroughly cleaning up all the left over weapons and armor proved too much a handful. Now Izuku's on the look out for weird shit and there's tons of Demon, Angel, Nefilheim, and Maker left overs for him to find. Hell, he could probably find Harvester in the refuse, or maybe one of the Grand Abominations, (Assuming Death never got around to destroying all of them) that'd be a fun fic.

  10. I swear I saw that shipping container up here in Wisconsin at one point.

  11. Responding with "sarcasm" at a comment pointing out how most of these people are sex-obsessed monkeys is still supporting their comments.

  12. So by the last sentence, you imply that the first is meant to read as me not supporting the view of supposed "sex-obsessed monkeys." Funny. I find it hard to believe that was your intent, but it's quite clearly what you said. So you have no idea what you just typed and just mindlessly retyped what I said thinking yourself clever. You are a fool and an illiterate, your reading comprehension is non-existent and proof of how your country's education system has failed you. Kindly delete your account before you make it more apparent you're a witless fuckboy than your pfp already has.

  13. Incel rhetoric? Funny I've don't recall ever once bringing up women while I was here, you just can't structure an argument to save your life, dumbass.

  14. While I agree that this is absolutely a Trump supporter, Biden's so far into dementia he can't remember his last fucking name, he's not doing anything as complex as speaking against discriminatory murderers.

  15. That is such bullshit. Have you ever actually listened to one of his speeches or do you just watch out-of-context snippets on Fox News?

  16. I absolutely have not, cause that'd require me giving his presidency more attention than any of the others, he's not special./s

  17. Considering I can already smell the hair, I don't even wanna know what's going on in the basement.

  18. There is no definitive "Best way" it all majorly depends on the context of the overall story and their character, the only real advice one can utilize is simply: "Don't half-ass it" put in the best work you can into the first draft, and if you really care, then check again and recheck.

  19. Honestly at this particular point in my life, if it's a choice, I'd rather the pizza.

  20. "Orange being lame is the worst thing to come out of Naruto, just look at the contender for lamest fucking possible character in existence as proof of it's awesomeness."

  21. How do they keep dropping the ball on this? Nintendo will go and make BotW look stun-fucking-gorgeous but they can't throw enough money at gamefreak to get the devs to drop that same effort into the single most successful franchise in the entire world?

  22. Not every opinion is so blatantly false that the holder should be flogged by chains in the street, this one is though.

  23. The moment Samus loses to Peach is the moment I personally destroy each and every mechanical device in Rooster Teeth's possession.

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