AITA flipping out on my fiance for cancelling all the vegan food options from our wedding food menu behind my back?


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  1. ESH. The mother shouldn't have judged that you were poor for wearing throw around clothes and sitting on the bench, but you easily could've just let it go and not flipped her off in front of her kids. She's clearly trying to teach them to be good people even if she went about it in a strange way, and you just made them think that actual poor people who live on benches will be cruel to them just for showing kindness.

  2. Trying? She’s doing a pisspoor job of it. It’s not just a “strange way”, it’s downright condescending. How do you not realize that what the mother said was extremely rude regardless of whether OP actually was poor or not? There are SOOOO many better ways to teach your children to show kindness the poor and not judge people for having less money than the obnoxious and egregious comment she made.

  3. I never said what the mother said wasn’t rude, she absolutely should not have judged. Hence my ESH vote 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. Oh yes, I didn’t think of that, great idea! I’d love some removable wallpaper myself. Do you have any suggestions of where to shop for some not super expensive paper?

  5. I don’t have a tip for specifically removable wallpaper on the cheap, but contact paper and regular wallpaper are a bit cheaper together and you can finagle those together into a removable moment.

  6. Interesting technique and definitely worth looking into, thank you, and thanks for the tip about the gravity issue! My mother learned that laying brickwork on her fireplace also! Lol trial and error has to be done though! :) thanks again!

  7. I picked it up from Alexandra Grater on YouTube, I def recommend checking out her videos, she focuses on really gorgeous small space/rental friendly makeovers!

  8. I’ve gotten good stuff at Cangiano’s. My mom has gone to the fish stand on jersey and she liked what she got there. Eataly in the Trade Center is also good. That said, it’s all on the expensive side.

  9. Big twist. It’s SpaceBaby grows up and has an affair with Amber, then marries her daughter.

  10. This is an even juicier plot because I’m pretty sure Kelly’s baby is a girl

  11. I really want to organize hunting parties. Grab some friends, some beers, and head to the park with our weapon of choice. I almost bought one of those bug a-salt guns, but then realized that it’s probably not a good move to go running around Central Park with one.

  12. I did this living in Jersey City and it was a great bonding experience with a bunch of people you’d never had interacted with otherwise. There was talk of organizing a bar crawl with stomping parties in between.

  13. Oh my god. This is how I want to spend the rest of my summer.

  14. I highly recommend! If it were 2014 there’d be some viral Facebook event called THE GREAT LANTERNFLY STOMP or something like that.

  15. there’s an herbal wellness center on Nassau and Ann right off the Path in downtown Manhattan

  16. i saw that the other day! took over the bakery half of Pisillo 😂

  17. I joked that putting it next to the sandwich half was one of the best business decisions ever. You need to be high af to make it through their arm sized subs hahah. One of the best price:food deals in the area

  18. Yes. I notice how he and his mom agreed to come against me on this

  19. OP, this isn't going to stop here. Get ready for a lifetime of "salad and this shitty dessert will be fine for you". His mom is never going to provide for your dietary restrictions, I can guarantee it. Every Christmas is going to be meat, with chicken stock based stuffing, and heavy cream in the mashed potatoes. She's going to "forget" you're a vegan when bringing food to your personal events or just because. This is entitlement beyond belief, especially because your veganism is rooted in health issues; would you be okay marrying a man who got rid of all the sugar-free items for a diabetic family, or insisting on including nuts when someone is allergic?

  20. Yes, that's what I came here for advice on - what other people have done and the pros/cons of it. There's definitely a difference in processes and needs for a freelance web developer than say a freelance accountant.

  21. Clients who don’t know what they want and need are my bread and butter 😊 I’m fortunately blessed with patience and an ability to dumb down technical terms for the elderly and uninformed.

  22. not as big of an asshole as someone who trolls 2 year old posts for vague "insults" towards vegans

  23. Your presence here is insulting enough but I'm glad you popped in to tell us how your Mom makes fun of children.

  24. I hope whatever is going on in your personal life gets better!! Unwarranted anger isn’t good for your health ☺️

  25. Because me and his dad were work buddies before he and I met. He thinks cause his dad was my superior that I will listen to him over my husband.

  26. I can PROMISE you being alone is more enjoyable and healthy than being in a borderline abusive relationship with a man twice your age who still runs to daddy whenever he has a spat with his child bride.

  27. Stop infantilizing adults and then being surprised when they act out because the government, and buisnesses want to make life as difficult for them as possible

  28. What does the government and commerce have to do with your creepy husband’s inability to behave his age and have a mature conversation with someone whose age he was when they were born?

  29. I don't disapprove. I just think she's lying for attention. And making the rest of us uncomfortable in the process.

  30. you realize you're the one making a big deal out of things, right? your mother is happy being their authentic person, it's awfully selfish of you to expect them to change their entire personality and appearance for a single day. your wedding is one. single. day. AND you don't get to dictate others' reasonable appearances. Get a grip and go touch some grass.

  31. They’re called squishables! They have lots of cute creepy crawlies, including a plague nurse as well.

  32. So my friend’s girlfriend actually designed that plague doctor plush…the Halloween before the pandemic lmfao. It has earned her countless raises and promotions because it sold so well!!

  33. Is there a wiki? You should def submit this if there is, I personally love this kind of detail - even if the submission doesn’t include your personal commentary on good/bad treatment.

  34. YTA. Would it have been better for him to pass out in the heat and lost all the food to spoilage? Do your own shopping if your budget is so tight your son isn't permitted to buy water for his health and safety.

  35. I mean, he's obsessed, but I don't hate him as much as everyone else in this thread seems to hate him. His parents died, Karen basically statutory raped him and then left him out to dry, he married an airhead, is a raging alcoholic, and now the one chance he had at finishing what his dad couldn't, got basically ripped away from him by the man he hates the most. He and his brother got dealt a shitty hand in life.

  36. It's a toss-up right now whether he kills or gets the shit beat out of him by Ed. Probably both.

  37. Can you get into the city and go to NY Presbyterian downtown? I’ve been there twice and they’re very attentive

  38. I’m still a bit concerned, that was my first job and my work was primarily UI, I’d like to showcase some more technical elements for someone of my level

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