1. This is a poll so you normally don't add a comment for votes. So I just give the opportunity for everyone to have extra vote by adding a comment

  2. Well isn't THAT what I did? You wrote "favorites" - that's plural. So of course some of us wrote more than one name, because in one of your contradictory statements, you imply we might have "more than one FAVORITES" (grammatically faulty itself), instead of "a second favorite" or "another favorite." THAT might have helped. But then you also wrote "you can add a comment of your other FAVORITES name" (also grammatically faulty). Hence the confusion.

  3. You're the only one who still keep confused about it. Everyone else are fine with my statement. If you know already what I mean, then you can carry on

  4. You're pretending you can read others' minds. Carry on.

  5. Yep, SUPER ANNOYING. The video continues to play - at least the audio, which I can hear while the screensaver is playing. Its worst when the video is in full screen.

  6. I call them "talk sing" songs. They type of country song where if you have a decent talking voice, you can sing most of the song. That's what he excels at because he just has the accent. Nothing special about his voice.

  7. Zero breath support is why the ends of his lines fall off so much in both volume and pitch.

  8. I didnt notice this... and I literally just watched AFTER seeing this to make sure I was not being Baised. (Which wouldnt make sense since I actually liked bodie more).. Bryce sounded better than the original on most of his songs. Honestly country in some cases is just not completely about the vocal RANGE or BELTS in some lanes but more about the charisma of the one singing it and ability to get the vibe right. Look at kenny chesney.. he doesnt belt much or have crazy range but is on alot of all time best lists, billboards of the past, and wedding playlists lol. I think he did get the edge based off the viewer base a bit and the fact he peaked at the perfect time on the show ( a great strategy on his own part). But in my eyes the odds of winning were like 24% 24% 24% 24% 4%(brayden just couldnt keep up w seasoned singers soo hes the 4)... Bryce just happened to be the one of the 4 who gave his BEST on finale night. I feel Omar did great but outshined himself and therefore raised bar for himself earlier in season, morgan as well.. and bodie just wasnt at his best nor did he pick good songs to showcase himself (ive seen tons of artists that Ive thought *wow hes good but this song sucks soo bad in general that hes gone.. and gone they go.. like the kid austin montgomerey he killed folsum blues and had great voice but sang that crap soo good in love *song and ended his voice run in its tracks lol)

  9. Not talking about "range" or "belt" at all. Bryce has zero breath control - cannot suspend a long note, so the end of his lines fall off in both volume and accuracy. And half the time during a song, he failed to hit the pitch. That's not the best Voice. People were voting for youth, looks and country twang (why Brayden lasted so long as well), not Voice.

  10. Um - original poster here. But no, not experiencing the issue anymore.

  11. I don’t think she was a GREAT coach but I watched the entire season for her because she cared so much. It was heartwarming.

  12. I thought she was a wonderful coach, because she really understood the mechanism of a voice (I'm a singer myself). I think WHO ends up on the coach's team matters as much as the coach!

  13. Can you elucidate? What do you mean by "placing another keyboard over the top" exactly?

  14. Late to the thread, but if you're right, I may very well replace my MacBook Pro (2020, bought in 2021) right now, instead of waiting a few more years, like I usually do.

  15. I truly don't get the Bodie thing, it's called The VOICE, and so many in this season had that and more over Bodie, and over the winner.

  16. Last night the voice was locked. Guess they didn’t want to field all the pissed off people. LOL. Morgan should have won, but have nothing against Bryce. If the show was “The Voice, country edition” then sure.

  17. Nothing against Bryce, but everything against such a nothing voice winning The Voice. If it had been Omar, Bodie, or Morgan, that would have been justified.

  18. The glycemic load. I still eat berries, but very occasionally.

  19. Called it, told my wife I'm not watching next season. The worst voice won the whole damn thing?! How?

  20. My point is that it's not a new thing at all. I've seen a lot of people act like no one has ever called a coach out for not turning for them before and that Brayden somehow made some kind of taboo statement lol

  21. Loads of contestants have commented on coaches not turning for them, or even just taking a long time to turn. Javier Colon and Jermaine Paul both did it and they won the show. It's not that serious and tbh I don't think people would be complaining about this nearly as much if anyone other than Brayden said it.

  22. "Everyone does it" is the lousiest justification ever, regardless of topic.

  23. Omar !!! He has the most views on instagram and youtube out of all five singers! Im hoping the voters actually did something and vote for him !

  24. Crossing my fingers that Kim's and Parajita's voters threw him their votes. And maybe some defecters from Blake groupies who Omar woke up from their trance.

  25. Agreed. I like Omar, Morgan and Bodie. Bryce is ok and Brayden only got this far because of looks. He’s not all that

  26. They vote Blake. Over of FB there have been many campaigns to try to get all of Blake’s people in the final. It would be karma for Omar or Morgan to win with Blake having 3 of the 5.

  27. There’s no way Omar is winning this, unfortunately. Don’t forget he was the instant save last week - the public didn’t vote him through originally. 0 chance he’s getting more votes than Bryce or Bodie lol

  28. Don't forget that Parajita's and Kim's voters might throw their votes to Omar. That's what I hope happens. But it's certainly possible Bryce or Brayden will win. They should have gone home long ago, but here they still are.

  29. THANK YOU. I predicted Omar would win at the blinds. Then I got disappointed as he progressed, because of his performance choices - songs, arrangements, style choices. And then last night happened. I fell in love with him again, and I hope he wins - additionally to redeem Team Legend and his teammates, both of whom should have stayed instead of the two weak-voiced Blake Boys.

  30. To be fair, I'm surprised at the amount of poise Bryaden has for being 16 and only having been singing and playing for a couple of years. Still should have gone home long ago, but you know - the teen girl vote.

  31. That would be the dumbest reason to wish someone wins. Especially someone who couldn't find the majority of his pitches last night.

  32. Well, it wasn't Queen - it was MJ. But HOLY CRAP!!!!! I wish Omar had done THAT throughout the show, we wouldn't have had to save him! Now THAT was a Finale performance - so far the only one, frankly (clearly I'm behind and catching up - and he just danced and sang his butt off)!

  33. Wow. Dude. I have no words. Well I have words - maybe a separate post.

  34. Hubby keeps whining about when are they coming back...?

  35. I know that the "organic community" likes to tout things like unrefined honey, agave syrup, maple syrup, dates, molasses, fresh cane sugar, etc. - but their goal is different from going sugar free. They're seeking more natural forms of sugar, whole foods and sugars that contain more of the natural micro-nutrients, etc.

  36. Agreed. Such alternatives have the same glycemic impact as sugar. Diabetics can't consume them.

  37. I think Swerve has erythritol based sweeteners, but they add something else. I either use Lakanto or one from Costco that only has monk fruit extract + erythritol. Also had a good experience with a brand from Amazon.ca called Amson Naturals.

  38. Yep - Swerve adds oligosaccharides - not terrible, but there are certainly other options that don't contain an additive. Whole Foods carries their own blend that's nothing but erythritol and monkfruit, more cost-effective than Lakanto!

  39. Target makes clothes for Grogu? Or is that a costume for a human baby? (I must know...)

  40. Froggy nuggies, I would think. Tastes like chicken.

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